President of the Council
of Ministers of the
Republic of Valruzia
Prezes Rady Ministrów
Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej


Gleisi Hoffmann em abril de 2011
Anna Vinciguerra
Party of National Coalition

His Excellency, Prime Minister of Valruzia
Term length
4 years, unless early election called
Minister of Foreign Affaris
210,000 VPO
The President of the Council of Ministers (Valruzian: Prezes Rady Ministrów), referred to as Prime Minister of Valruzia (Valruzian: Premier Walruzji) is the head of government and leader of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Valruzia. The office of the Prime Minister and his/her responsibilities were established by the Constitution of Valruzia which defines the Prime Minister as de iure head of government. According to the long-lasting customs, Prime Minister is given a mission to form the government by the President of the Republic of Valruzia and later requires a motion of confidence from the Sejm.


Usually the largest party proposes a cabinet with individually designated for the position of Prime Minister, who was approved by the President of the Republic of Valruzia, however, the potential lack consent of the President is not an important factor which would block the candidate from being sworn in as Prime Minister. The candidate for the position of Prime Ministers presents his candidates for ministers and requires the motion of confidence from the Sejm. An absolute majority is needed in order to get motion of confidence for a proposed cabinet. Prime Minister may appoint deputy Prime Ministers at his/her discretion.


Being the head of government, Prime Ministers represents the Council of Ministers of Valruzia and manages its work. He chairs the cabinet sessions unless a Cabinet Council is called by the President. During Cabinet Council session, Prime Minister acts as counsel to the President. He coordinates the work of the council and manages the implementation of reglations. He is de iure superordinator of all memebrs of the government administrator and in addition to that he may, within the limit of his power, conduct supervision of local governments institution. Prime Minister nomiantes 5 voivodes in each of the Voivodeship as the official representative of the Council (national, central government).

Support, Staff and ResidencyEdit

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Prime Minister has its own Chancellery (Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów) which is his/her main executive office. Chancellery houses the central meeting point of the cabinet. In the Chancellery, Prime Minister has access to numerous departments which are responsible for proper functioning of the government, as well as numerous governmental agencies which are controlled by the State. The Cabinet Council* sessions are held in the Presidential Palace. The official residence of the Prime Minister is located in the Old Town district (Stare Miasto) of Nowogard, approximately 1,5 kilometers from the Presidential Palace. The Chancellery is in controll of more than 50 facilities and properties.

  • Cabinet Council - special session of the Council of Ministers with the President as the de facto chairman of the Council. This type of sessions are usually called to discuss and decide on issues of big importance for the State's interests. Prime Minister acts as advisor to the President for the duration of the session.
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