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Progress Party
"Back in Business"
Founded: June 3837

Dissolved: April 3868 Succeeded By: Moderate Party

Refounded: December 3970
Youth wing
Progress Youth
Student wing
Progress Students

Economic Liberalism

Political position
International affiliation
32 / 445
Electoral Regions Held
0 / 5
Cabinet Positions
0 / 13
Politics of Luthori
Political Parties of Luthori
Most Recent General Election
The Progress Party is a centrist political party in the Holy Luthori Empire, it was founded in mid-3837 by Roman Florentine, a former Government & Politics lecturer. He was joined by several political activists and more right-wing Social Democratic League members.

Following the 3868 Election the party suffered from large infighting between the left and right factions. The party split in two with the Progress banner being abandoned. The left faction formed the Liberal Progressive Party (Luthori) and the right faction formed The Moderate Party.

The party was refounded again in December 3970 by Ruth Mackie the great great niece of the parties founder, Roman Florentine, this was her first steps into politics following her military service spanning eight years, and her local news career.

Founding Figures Edit

The PP was founded by three key figures in June of 3837, often referred to as the 'gang of three' they made up the early senior leadership of the party. Roman Florentine, the man most associated with the foundation of the party was a politics lecturer at Helston University and was well regarded by students at the university, he was appointed the parties first leader at its foundation conference.

Marianne Flicket, more commonly known as Moxie, was a highly regarded animator and artist within the internet community and had made several entrances into mainstream news with the success of several animation series. Her entrance into politics was unexpected having never explicitly stated a political opinion. Her popularity among the youth proved key to the party and her artistic abilities has proved useful in setting up a successful media department.

Suzanne Evans was a key media figure when the party was first founded, she helped organise the parties election manifestos and headed up the parties election campaigns. She became well known in the media for a her relaxed manner and good natured and jokey approach.

Progress's Goal Edit

The party knew it would be difficult to form a majority government given Luthori's proportional system and ever increasing range of parties. The party set itself the goal of influencing a coalition government or holding the 'feet to the fire' if they remained on the opposition benches following an election.

The parties overriding goal is to create a free and fair society for all. The party sitting in the centre appeals to people with this ideal largely. The party also aimed to end the dominance of the Liberal Alliance and the Cavalier Partybecome the alternative centre-right party in Luthori.

The party is also staunchly anti-monarchy and wished to seek the complete abolishment of the monarchy and the nobility in Luthori. This was seen as its main policy that distinguished it from the rest of the centre-right and right-wing parties.

Party Leadership Edit

Leaders of the Progress Party are elected via the Alternative Vote system. Anyone who has been a member for at least two years and has the backing of 10% of the parliamentary members or 100 signatories from confirmed members. The party members then receive a ballot paper with the list of candidates and are asked to vote in preference depending on the number of candidates. The candidate with lowest votes is eliminated and then those votes are reasigned to their second preference. This process continues until a candidate reaches 50% of the vote.

Party Chairmen Edit

Name Term Notes Party Faction
Roman Florentine July 3837 - February 3845 Founding Member of the party and first elected leader, he resigned following poor results in the 3845 General Election. Red Progress
Suzanne Evans April 3845 - September 3861 Founding Member of the party and former leader of the party's media department. Resigned after 16 years as leader and resigned from the Diet Blue Progress
Geoffrey Van Orden September 3861 - Present A member of the Diet since 3854 and an ex-businessman, generally considered to be on the 'right' of the party. Bright Green Progress
Ruth Mackie December 3970 - July 3974 Refounded the party in December 3970 along with several other independent politicians, she is the great great niece of Roman Florentine. Blue Progress
James Fulkirk October 3974 - September 3982 Former candidate in Viceroy primaries, despite losing out, he won the leadership contest following Mackie's resignation. Red Progress
Jayne Warren November 3982 - Present Viceroy candidate in both 3982 elections, achieving the parties best result vote share in the second round. Bright Green Progress

Presidential Candidates Edit

Name Primary Notes Tenure (If Elected)
Ruth Mackie 3974 Primary Leading figure in the transition from monarchy to republic, and was the current Chancellor. Not Applicable

Party Factions Edit

The Progress Party has no official factions however many newspapers and analysts have identified four clear dividing lines within the party, which are more often referred to as the 'tribes of Progress'.

Blue Progress Edit

Once the core of the party, they are the Cavalier's in exile. Characterised by the phrase “I didn’t leave the Cavalier Party, the Cavalier Party left me”, some of them have come to hate their former compatriots who have not followed their path into the party. They are low tax, pro-business with a crust of social conservatism, free traders but anti-immigration. They prefer their party when it is acting as the economic and social conscience of the right

Red Progress Edit

They may have risen to prominence far more recently than their Blue companions, but what is now known as Red Progress has its roots relatively early in the party’s history. Gerard Batten, one of their first Members of the Diet, comes from a more leftish worldview than most of his fellow party co-founders.

Grey Progress Edit

It is a fact that Progress's electoral base is older than the average. As a symptom of this, what we might call Grey Progress has become hard-wired into the insurgents’ thinking. Even more than Cavalier or the Liberal Alliance, they cannot afford to annoy older voters.

Some of that is reflected in their emphasis on social conservatism - such voters made it worthwhile for a self-described “libertarian” party to suddenly oppose the right of consenting adults to formalise their love through marriage was a remarkable departure, for example, and nostalgia for grammar schools speaks to much the same audience.

Bright Green Progress Edit

The newest development, and potentially the most interesting, Bright Green Progress are those who identify as libertarian, direct democrat, free trading and outward-looking. Fundamentally optimistic about Luthori and the world, they are distinctly less uncomfortable with the idea of immigration or Same Sex Marriage than the party’s official line, and believe that their position holds both more worthwhile aims and greater long-term potential.

Electoral Results Edit

Parliamentary Results Edit

Holy Imperial Diet of the Holy Lithori Empire
Date Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
3837 0.06% 33,125
0 / 105
New Lost 8th
3840 0.06% 36,842
0 / 350
Steady0 Lost Increase7th
3845 1.55% 982,408
3 / 350
Increase3 Minor Party Decrease8th
3850 10.01% 6,501,891
35 / 350
Increase32 Tertiary Opposition Increase6th
3854 9.09% 5,915,132
31 / 350
Decrease4 Tertiary Opposition Steady6th
3859 11.0% 6,903,590
41 / 400
Increase10 Tertiary Opposition Increase4th
3861 15.07% 9,467,569
59 / 401
Increase18 Tertiary Opposition Steady4th
3865 17.62% 11,009,696
72 / 401
Increase13 Official Opposition Increase2nd
3868 11.33% 7,006,451
46 / 401
Decrease26 Tertiary Opposition Decrease6th
3971 13.93% 5,161,135
62 / 445
Increase62 Hung Parliament Increase3rd
3972 31.64% 9,648,048
143 / 445
Increase81 Republican Unity Coalition of Luthori Increase1st
3974 5.62% 3,255,444
24 / 445
Decrease119 Tertiary Opposition Decrease7th
3978 7.22% 3,905,274
32 / 445
Increase8 Tertiary Opposition Decrease8th
3982 4.07% 2,680,014
17 / 445
Decrease15 Tertiary Opposition Steady8th
3982 7.40% 4,932,483
32 / 445
Increase15 Tertiary Opposition Steady8th

Presidential Results Edit

Date Candidate Round One Run Off Position
 % #  % #
3845 Lady Sylvia Hermon 6.39% 3,991,319 N/A N/A 6th
3850 Roman L. Florentine 10.21% 6,706,279 N/A N/A Increase 5th
3854 Roman L. Florentine 9.19% 5,985,343 N/A N/A Steady 5th
3859 Roman L. Florentine 17.38% 10,895,773 N/A N/A Increase 3rd
3861 Elizabeth Hettle 24.23% 15,318,668 N/A N/A Steady 3rd
3865 Geoffrey Van Orden 25.64% 16,248,119 43.48% 25,171,570 Increase 2nd
3868 Geoffrey Van Orden 21.47% 13,513,958 N/A N/A Decrease 3rd
3882 Jayne Warren 9.15% 6,048,121 N/A N/A Decrease 7th
3882 Jayne Warren 24.05% 16,159,647 45.07% 24,033,336 Increase 2nd

Post Re-founding History Edit

The re-founding of the party caused a lot of media attention, especially due to the heritage of Ruth Mackie and what it symbolised to many older Luthorians, a sense of familiarity, the party had been the front of Luthori Politics in the mid-3800s and was party of many people's early introduction to politics.

Ruth Mackie built the party from the bottom up again, paying tribute to the 'Gang of Three' which had founded the party, over one hundred years ago. She chose to re-launch the party on the day which the party had split into the Moderate Party and the Liberal Progressive Party. In her speech she stated the party would be 'soft-conservative' and 'staunchly republican' in its views.

The party became the third largest party following the 3971 General Election, which resulted in a hung parliament. Following bitter in-fighting in the Luthori Independence Party on its failure to win more seats the party collapsed, the more moderate side of the party merging into Progress. The party rocketed into first place in the 3972 General Election, which saw the parliament filled with republican parties, which took a whopping 79% of the overall vote, thus beginning Luthori's move to a republic, overseen by the now Imperial Chancellor, Ruth Mackie.

In the 3974 election the Progress Party were decimated losing 119 seats in the election, following a series of public internal disputes over the direction of the party, largely led by Albert Stein who saw Mackie as too soft in her approach to conservatism. The party also failed to register in time for the first presidential election. She resigned with immediate effect as Chairman of the Progress Party.

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In the years between 3974 and early 3982 the party drifted around with little to no direction under Fulkirk's leadership, many papers said he was a man of great promise who was stuck in the wrong era. Follow poor results in the January 3982 election where the party suffered it's worst result he was going to resign. However snap elections prevented him from doing so, where his party made small gains, but in the Imperial Viceroy elections the party made a huge impact with their candidate Jayne Warren, who garnered over sixteen million votes, and made it into the second round. He resigned following the election sticking to his original intention, and Warren took leadership of the party.

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