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The Protectorate Party
Leader Lovekesh N Pryzes
Founded 2038
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Greabok, Serenity
Nation Malivia
Ideology Ecclesiocractic Libertarian
Political Position Ours
International Affiliations Alliance for the Recognition of Ecclesias
The Inter. Assoc. For Space Research And Development,

League of International Libertarians

Colours 9E0FE0
Website [[1]]

The Protectorate Party (often referred to as just the Protectorates or PP) of The Most Serene Commonwealth of Malivia, is the oldest continually active party in Malivia. They are named after the Svrin Protectorates, who where the first to unify present day Malivia under a single government. The Protectorate Party seeks to to use the Geraja religion as a source of unity in modern day Malivia. Acting as the political arm of the Gerajan church, the Protectorates defend traditional Malivian culture and support the establishment of the Raja of the church as the Head of State for Malivia.

History[edit | edit source]

The Protectorates where established in 2037 by Nate Nimby to represent and defend an open society devoted to individual rights and choice. Initially popular with many including the religious right, Nate Nimby retired from politics in protest over laws on intellectual property. After the retirement of Nimby control shifted to Walter Tadz Orion, who continued the fight on educational choice and defense of intellectual property. The party gained strength over the years and soon teamed up with the Free Republican Party and others to form a coalition against the strong leftist majority until the 2090's.

2089 brought with it a new era for the Protectorates. Upon the retirement of Orion, party leadership was gained by Nola Flo Ariana, a devote member of the Gerajan church. Ms. Ariana beat libertarian leader Elliott Uubergras. This lead to the strong ties between the church and the Protectorates that has dominated the party's platform ever since.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

Active Leadership[edit | edit source]

Notable Figures[edit | edit source]

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