קלדר המתחדשת
Qildar HaMithadeshet
Ideology Religious Nationalism
Position Right
Primary International Affiliation Catholic Church (ER)
Secondary International Affiliations World Capitalist Alliance
Conservative Union
Founded 28th February 3033
Disbanded 3052
Chairmen Hannibal Hadar, Eshmunamish Hayyim
Headquarters Cildania City, Akildar

Renewed Cildania was a conservative and plutocratic party in the Republic of Cildania


The party was founded on the 28th of February 3033, by a group of leading businessmen in Cildania, concerned with the increase of government intervention in the economy in the years after the collapse of the New Liberty Party government. The party's first legislative elections in January 3034 were a great success for the HaMithadeshet party, winning over a half of the contested seats. Since then, Qildar HaMithadeshet became a part of Cildania's newly developed two-party system, together with the Liberal-Reform Party.

When the party first joined government, it took advantage of a small loophole in Cildania's constitution and managed to have its two chairmen become Chief Ministers of Cildania at the same time. HaMithadeshet was the sole party in government between 3046 and 3051, when its ministers were forced to resign following a series of corruption scandals.


Renewed Cildania officially claims to follow a conservative and plutocratic platform, wishing to establish the country's economic elite as the political ruling class. It is also a nationalist party, following a vision of religious nationalism where Cildanian identity is shaped by adherence to the Department of Cildania.


In recent years, various acts of corruption and nepotism involving the party have surfaced, greatly damaging its public image. The party has also attracted much criticism for its obscure and often illegal involvement with the Church hierarchy. HaMithadeshet's religious nationalism is strongly opposed by secularists, especially secular nationalists, and religious minorities.

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