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Total population
c. 30-45 million
Regions with significant populations
New cildanian flag.png Cildania
Selucia new flag.png Selucia
Black flag.png Badara
Third aldegar flag.png Aldegar
c. 27-42 million
1 million
1 million
1 million
Qildari, Gziri
Apostolic Church of the Isles
Related ethnic groups
Other Cildanians, Majatrans, Yeudis, Kathurans

The Qildaris (Qildari: קלדרים, Qildarim; Gziri: Qildarin) are an ethnic group indigenous to the North Majatran country of Cildania, and with the Qildari language. The cultural and linguistic heritage of the Qildari people is a rich blend of both indigenous elements and the foreign cultures that have come to rule the land and its people over the course of thousands of years.

The Qildari people can trace their ancestry to the Ancient Qedarites, who became the dominant ethnic group on the island following the Qedarite Migrations. The Qildaris became Hosian in the 9th century, and since then the Apostolic Department of Cildania has been the dominant religion in Cildania. They are very similar in language and customs to Yeudis, and to a lesser extent to other peoples in Majatra.

Qildaris are part of the larger Cildanian ethnic group, a culturally and ethnically mixed population that is dominant in Cildania. As such Qildaris are virtually indistinguishable from other Cildanians, such as Hebileans, Seluco-Cildanians, or Cildanian Yeudis, the primary difference being their native language. Similarly to all other Cildanian groups, Qildaris use Gziri as their lingua franca.

OOC notes[]

Qildaris are primarily based on Phoenicians and Punics, as well as contemporary Tunisians. They speak Phoenician, written in the Hebrew script, as well as Maltese.

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