Qin Indrala
(Various governments)
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Qin flag              None

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Qin c. 162
Indrala in 162 CE
Capital                     Numerous
Languages             Proto-Indralan
Demonym                Qin Indralan
Government           Numerous
Qin King
First                           Venshi Liang-Mo
Last                           Venshi Tao-Mo
King of Qinan
First                           Xian-Pan Ru-Min
Last                           Xian-Pan Bo-Qing
Currency                 Numerous

Qin Indrala, known within the country as the Qin period, was a period of history in Indrala following the downfall of the Kingdom of Gemu-Teng. It was followed by the Talmu period.


Following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Gemu-Teng, the Qin period, also known as the Indralan Dark Ages outside the country, began. Numerous warlords took control of the remaining sections of the Gemu-Teng kingdom and began to compete to amass land and citizens.

Qin c. 338

Indrala c. 338 CE, when the Qin government was at its most powerful

During this time, the as yet unsettled southern parts of the island were properly colonised. Until then, the region was home to only hunter-gatherer tribes but the conquest of the competing warlords and petty nobles pushed them into these areas. In particular, the Ma-Gan River Delta became the centre of civilisation on the island due to its ideal farming conditions.

In 330, the leader Venshi united nearly all of the competing factions and established a military government. Through a mixture of diplomacy, conquest and innovative systems of promotion, the regime remained in control for around three hundred years. In spite of this, it was never able to rule the entire island and was constantly under threat from smaller states and barbarian tribes.

History of Indrala
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