Imperial Residence of Qattroregni Palace
Residenza Imperiale di Palazzo Quattroregni
Palazzo Quattroregni
Location Piazza del Palazzo, Romula, Istalia
Construction 1640 - 1701
Architect Gian Luigi Barbani
Jacopo Ludara
Style Classical Baroque
Affiliation Istalian Empire

Quattroregni Palace (Istalian: Palazzo Quattroregni), officially Imperial Residence of Quattroregni Palace (Residenza Imperiale di Palazzo Quattroregni) is a historic building in Romula, Istalia, official residence and workplace of the Istalian Emperor.


The Palace was commissioned by Deodato II, king of Fidelia in 1640 after his decision to move in the future in Romula the Capital of the kingdom, at the time in an expansion phase.
Deodato II was a devout hosianist and in that time of struggle against the ahmadism, which for almost three century rules in Istalia conquered by the Caliphate, he decided to built his future residence close to the Archbasilica of St. Matthias the Baptist to the Walls, Cathedral of Rome, the seat of the Istalian bishop. Today the Palace delimits one side of the large square overlooking the Basilica, however what can be seen as a single square is officially divided in two: Piazza del Palazzo (Palace Square) and, separated by an avenue and by a massive sculpture group, Piazza San Mattia alle Mura (St. Matthias to the Walls Square).
However, the XVII century saw the power of Fidelia decrease in favor of the Emirs of Quanzar and the kingdom, facing even more difficulties to financing the defense against the Quanzar's rides, was forced to reduce the funds for the construction of the Palace which was finished only in 1701. The kings of Fidelia never used the Palace as residence and never moved their capital in Romula, but it became a met place for the four kings of the Istalian lands began to coordinate the defence and for a period hosted a common command of the kingdoms' armies.
At this time, at the end of XVII century, the Palace so began to be called with the current name (Quattroregni in fact can be translate as Fourkingdoms).
After the conquest of the peninsula by part of the Quanzar Emirs, the Palace became the residence of the city quanzari administration and remained occupied until the fall of the Emirate when it became the first seat of the leadership of the Union of Quanzari Soviets.
After the foundation of the Istalian Republic it was finally chosen to be the residence and seat all the following head of state since 2236.


A stylized image of the facade of the Palace was used in the official seal of the President of the Republic. The seal showed also the shape of the dome of the Chapel of Deodato II which is in fact well visible from Palace Square, stiking out above the facade. Given this recognizable charateristic, also the dome was reported on the Seal.

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