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Queen of Rildanor

Archduchess of Hulstria

Father Alexander I of Hulstria
Mother Anna, Countess of Kremfurt
Spouse HM King Hénri III of Rilandor
Titles and Styles
  • HM the Queen of Rildanor
  • HIM the Archduchess of Hulstria
Date of Birth July 27th, 2777
Date of Death March 10th, 2874
Imperial Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott

Her Majesty Queen Matilda of Rildanor, Archduchess of Hulstria (b. July 27th, 2777, at Fliederbrunn Palace in Kien, Greater Hulstria - March 10th, 2874) was the consort of HM King Henri III of Rildanor. Matilda was the only daughter of Alexander I of Hulstria and Empress Anna, Countess of Kremfurt; upon birth was styled as Her Imperial Majesty Archduchess of Hulstria and when she married, she was given the title of the Queen-consort of Rildanor. Matilda was the younger sibiling of Godric II of Hulstria and Archduke Wilhelm of Hulstria, Duke of Thague.

In the fall of 2810 Matilda married HM King Hénri III of Rildanor in a large wedding ceremony in Labonne, the capital of Rildanor. Two years later the couple had their first child and daughter, HM Crown Princess Adèle, the heiress the throne. In the early 2870s, her husband King Hénri died and their daughter Adèle assumed the throne in Rildanor as Adèle I. Matilda remained in Rildanor until her death in 2874.



Titles & Syles[]

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Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:

  • Archduchess of Hulstria (27 July 2777 - 10 March 2874)
Primary form of address
  • Her Imperial Majesty Archduchess Matilda of Hulstria (27 July 2777 - 10 March 2874)