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Queen Mri Mardoh (Brmek: Mri Mardoh Luthori: Mary Mardoh) also known as لدينا سيدة من العاطفة ("Our Lady of Passion") among the Kathuran population and derided as the meretrix Alexandri (Whore of Alexander) by the native Seluco-Barmenians, was the longtime mistress and second wife of King Eksandr of Barmenia.

Early life and career[]

Mri grew up with a privileged background; during her adolescence, her father was the mayor of the Old City of Ur Bahra while her mother and sister served in the Presidential Mansion during the short lived Republic of Barmenia. Though little is known about her childhood (upon the request of King Eksandr, her records were largely destroyed following her death) it is known that she and her sister Han were sent to serve the new Queen, Sarah, around her ascent in 3877. Though the couple seemed largely happy in the early years of their marriage, the Queen is known to have grown emotionally distant from her husband following the birth of her last child, Princess Sarah. Her sister, Han, was tasked with the duty of caring for the young Princess (the other four were already under the care of other ladies) and so it was the duty of young Mri (at this point given the title 'Lady Mri Mardoh') to act as the consoler of the King and his household when the Queen returned to Cildania around the 4th of August, 3884.

3884-3892: The King's council and reformation.[]

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