Grand Duke Musa II of Talmoria and Aslistan
Dynasty Al-Quimoték
Atabék Lily Al-Quimoték IV
Party Democratic Socialist Party of Beiteynu
Capital City Gush Gadid
Language Hebrew and French
Largest city: Shaar HaNegev
Area 140,100 km²
Population 61,333,531
Quo'gün is one of the five Noble States of the Kingdom of Yishelem.

Major TownsEdit

Gush GadidEdit

See Birahtenyu, Fruskila

Shaar HaNegevEdit



Grand DukeEdit

InauguratedLeft OfficeNameDynasty
January 2831 January 2835 Musa I Al-Quimoték
January 2835 ---- Musa II Al-Quimoték


InauguratedLeft OfficeNameParty
August 2832 ---- Lily Al-Quimoték IV Democratic Socialist Party of Beiteynu

Representatives in the Great SanhedrinEdit

Party Seats
Democratic Socialist Party of Beiteynu 29
Jewish Environmental Party 23
Liberal Coalition (IA) 17
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