Radical Alliance (Istalian: Alleanza Radicale, Majatran: والحرية والتقدم, transl. al-tahaluf al-rradikaliu) is an Istalian political parties founded in 4348 as heir of the historical party Liberty and Progress which, in turn, has been the evolution of the original Istalian Social Liberal Party. Radical Alliance advocates social liberal policies, promoting a solid welfare into a regulated free market, pushing for the cooperation between State and privates as well as between social categories, while on the social and civil issues it's strongly libertarian and secularist, aimed to free the istalian citizens from any moral and religious influence and to promote their full development as human being and of their capabilities.
The party has also an important internal wing supporting regionalism and devolution policies in favor of larger powers for the local authorities.

Since 4348 the party is member of the center-left coalition Together for Istalia, of which it's co-founded together with the Istalian Labour Party.

The party contested its first election in 4350.


The party continues to promote the Social Liberalism in Istalia but it was also influenced by some radical libertarian-anarchic elements which determined the extremely permissive positions of AR on the field of the social and civil rights and its strong anti-clericalism.
The party is supportive of the Free Market and of the Free Trade and it demands the intervention of the State on the social-economic field to regulate the free market to protect workers and consumers. Conversely the Alliance promotes a large and solid national welfare, in this field showing to be very close to the social democratic ideology.
The party is supportive of devolutive policies to vest the local authorities of more responsabilities about several matters and issues, promoting a clear separation of competences between central State and local Governments, these positions influenced by anarchist ideas related to the strong libertarianism of the party.
Finally, about the foreign affairs, the party is strongly internationalist and pushes for more integration and cooperation into the Majatran Alliance and with the other majatran nations.

The first party leader, Valentina Vitali, when she presented the party to the public, summarized the positions of the party through these key words:

• Freedom
• Equality
• Fraternity
• Secularism
• Social Justice
• Safety
• Decentralization
• Environmental Protection
• Commitment to Majatra
• Humanism


The Radical Alliance was founded in 4348 as heir of the historical party Liberty and Progress (LP) which, in turn, has been the evolution of the original Istalian Social Liberal Party.
The electoral difficulties of the last years of Liberty and Progress led in 4346, after the party fell again at the last placement, at the resignation of all the past leadership. After two years of uncertainty and debate, during the extraordinary National Congress called in 4348, the Libertarian Collective and the representatives of the Union of the Progressive Students, the student wing of the party, they joined together against the socialist wing by advancing a joint motion proposing the dissolution of LP and the foundation of a new political subject still based on Social Liberalism but with more libertarian traits and aiming to introduce social democratic reform in the field of the national welfare.
In the same year the new party joined the Istalian Labour Party, already allied with LP, to dissolve the coalition Another Istalia to found a new one: Together for Istalia.

During the next decade, however, the party didn't reached to achieve positive results, remaining among the last parties into the parliament and failing several times to be considered a government partner by other parties.
This situation pushed the leadership to take a low profile limiting the public statements and declarations and just voting for the bills presented to the parliament.

After almost 30 years of ULD dominance of the Istalian politics, the elections of 4368 gave the possibility to the center-left to return to the power. The patience of the party and the confidence given to its second leader, Giacomo Tancredi, finally was rewarded and the party entered once again into a Government acting, despite being the smaller member of the grand coalition led by the communist Ernesto Revera and the President, and Revara's party colleague, Fidelio Casto, as one of the prominent actors. Thanks to Radical Alliance in 4371 important economic institutions were founded, the main of them the Istalian Strategic Investement Fund, a sovereign wealth fund to "pump" the Istalian presence all over the global economy for the benefit of Istalia and to secure the future of its citizens. Always thanks to Radical Alliance, supporting the work of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lucio Vero Rosso (FD) and of the President Casto himself, Istalia retourned to make hear its voice on the international stage, especially to face the Orderist Revolutions and the war between Kazulia and Dankuk.

Party LeadersEdit

Valentina Vitali (4348-4359)Edit

Giacomo Tancredi (4359-4372)Edit

Giorgia Ciriello (4379-4384)Edit

Simone Calenda (4384-4415)Edit

Aghar Yassen (4415-present)Edit

Electoral HistoryEdit

President of the RepublicEdit

President of the Republic
Round 1
Round 2
 %  %
4354 Nadir Hariri 9.37 No No
4372 Valentina Vitali 7.89 No No
4406 Simone Calenda 36.10 51.14 Yes
4410 41.60 54.11 Yes
4426 Aghar Yassen 45.97 56.65 Yes

Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Chamber of Deputies
Number of votes
% votes
Total votes
4350 2,976,946 62,629,504 4.75
29 / 630
Increase29 8th Opposition
4354 5,345,670 64,128,228 8.34
42 / 505
Increase42 5th Government coalition
4358 3,282,493 58,976,904 5.57
26 / 505
Decrease16 7th Opposition
4362 3,881,858 62,770,866 6.18
30 / 505
Increase4 8th Opposition
4366 3,735,086 63,932,993 5.84
27 / 505
Decrease3 7th Opposition
4368 6,366,223 62,956,832 10.11
50 / 505
Increase23 5th Government coalition
4372 2,716,489 62,780,887 4.33
21 / 505
Decrease29 8th Opposition
4375 5,305,610 64,195,949 8.26
40 / 505
Increase19 6th Opposition
4379 4,489,458 63,598,669 7.06
34 / 505
Decrease6 7th Government coalition
4383 4,991,576 61,844,255 8.07
40 / 505
Increase6 6th Hung Parliament
4384 5,069,218 61,295,851 8.27
41 / 505
Increase1 6th External support
April 4388 2,519,913 57,929,592 4.35
20 / 505
Decrease21 7th Hung Parliament
May 4388 2,625,589 62,979,267 4.17
19 / 505
Decrease1 8th Hung Parliament
October 4388 2,650,335 60,636,795 4.37
21 / 505
Increase2 8th Hung Parliament
4390 3,202,766 65,590,866 4.88
23 / 505
Increase2 6th Opposition
4394 5,387,373 63,047,834 8.54
43 / 505
Increase20 5th Government coalition
4398 6,930,490 62,176,332 11.15
58 / 505
Increase15 5th Government coalition
4402 8,829,039 59,568,494 14.82
76 / 505
Increase18 2nd Government coalition
4406 4,826,106 60,420,537 7.99
40 / 505
Decrease36 5th Government coalition
4410 7,597,688 60,059,113 12.65
66 / 505
Increase26 4th Government coalition
April 4414 6,116,765 61,141,574 10.00
51 / 505
Decrease15 5th Early elections
September 4414 8,623,821 61,155,104 14.10
71 / 505
Increase20 4th Government coalition
4418 9,128,213 62,514,514 14.60
75 / 505
Increase4 3rd Government coalition
4422 10,513,378 62,861,762 16.72
87 / 505
Increase12 2nd Hung Parliament
4426 12,451,407 60,174,920 20.69
106 / 505
Increase19 1st TBD


Senate of the Republic
Regional Governs
4350 None
1 / 100
Increase1 8th
4354 None
8 / 100
Increase7 4th
4358 None
1 / 100
Decrease6 7th
4362 None
1 / 100
Steady 8th
4366 None
2 / 100
Increase1 8th
4368 None
4 / 100
Increase2 6th
4372 None
1 / 100
Decrease3 8th
4375 None
6 / 100
Increase5 5th
4379 None
1 / 100
Decrease5 7th
4383 None
2 / 100
Increase1 6th
4384 None
2 / 100
Steady 6th
April 4388 None
1 / 100
Decrease1 7th
May 4388 None
0 / 100
October 4388 None
1 / 100
Increase1 6th
4390 None
1 / 100
Steady 5th
4394 None
5 / 100
Increase4 6th
4398 None
9 / 100
Increase4 6th
4402 None
9 / 100
Steady 5th
4410 1 (Trivendito)
18 / 100
Increase16 4th
April 4414 1 (Trivendito)
12 / 100
Decrease4 4th
September 4414 1 (Trivendito)
14 / 100
Increase2 3rd
4418 1 (Trivendito)
18 / 100
Increase4 3rd
4422 2 (Padagna, Trivendito)
24 / 100
Increase6 2nd
4426 2 (Padagna, Trivendito)
25 / 100
Increase1 1st


The Radical Alliance is primary led by a collegiate body, the National Coordinative Committee, formed by the five Representatives of the Regional Committee (which is elected by the single local sections of the party gathered into the Regional Alliance of the Radical Collectives, as the local sections are called), by the twelve ministerial candidate, each one expert in his field of expertise, and by the Presidential and Premier candidate. Among them the National Coordinative Committee appoint a Spokeperson, considered as the leader of the party, a Secretary of the Coordinative Committee and a Vice-Secretary of the Committee who fullfil also the role of Whip of the party into the Chamber of Deputies.

Each two years the Party's Statute provides to reunite the National Congress which has to judge the work of the Coordinative Committee and of the leadership and in case of motion of no-confidece, elect a new Committee.
Primaries are not provides by the party's Statute, but at the regional level each local sections has to elect among its members and by its members a representative to the Regional Alliance while all the regional delegates, in each region, has to elect a representative for the National Committee and a certain number of delegates before the reunion of the National Congress to join it and partecipate to the Congress' works.

Here a list of the leaders of Radical Alliance, officially Spokeperson, and of their Secretaries and Vice-Secretaries of the National Coordinative Committee since the foundation in 4348 (as metioned, the Vice-Secretary is also Whip of the Party into the Chamber, unless otherwise marked):

National Spokeperson
Secretary and
Vice-Secretary of the National Committee
Age (election-resignation)
Internal Wing
1 Valentina Vitali Valentina Vitali Nadir Hariri (4348-4359)

Giacomo Tancredi (4348-4359)
4348-4359 32-43 Libertarian
2 Giacomo Tancredi Giacomo Tancredi Valentina Vitali (4359-4372)

Giorgia Ciriello (4359-4372)
4359-4372 43-56 Regionalist Libertarian
3 Giorgia Ciriello Giorgia Ciriello Simone Calenda (4372-4384)

Maria Donati (4372-4384)
4372-4384 37-49 Social Libertarian
4 Simone Calenda Simone Calenda Valerio Mastrantonio (4384-4415)

Amina Bengazi (4384-4415)
4384-4415 41-72 Social Democrat
5 Aghar Yassen Aghar Yassen Camilla Bontempi (4415- ) 4415- 32- Social Liberal

List of the Whips of the party into the Chamber of DeputiesEdit

1 Giacomo Tancredi Giacomo Tancredi young 4348-4359
2 Giorgia Ciriello Giorgia Ciriello 4359-4372
3 Maria Donati Maria Donati 4372-4384
4 Amina Bengazi Amina Bengazi 4384-4415
5 Camilla Bontempi Camilla Bontempi 4415-present

Institutional positions held by party exponentsEdit

President of the RepublicEdit

Simone Calenda Simone Calenda 4406-4410
Aghar Yassen Aghar Yassen pres 4426-

President of the Council of MinistersEdit


Positions into the Council of MinistersEdit

Government's member
Name Minster
Valentina Vitali Foreign Affairs March 4355-March 4357 Cabinet Vespa-Baldassare IV
Nadir Hariri Internal Affairs
Valentina Vitali Foreign Affairs March 4357-October 4357 Cabinet Balotelli
Nadir Hariri Internal Affairs
Maria Donati Justice April 4369-January 4373 Cabinet Revara
Simone Calenda Trade and Industry
Karim el Bairan Finance May 4375-October 4376 Cabinet Samara
Simone Calenda Finance July 4380-April 4387 Cabinet Revara II
Mina Santaroni Environment and Tourism
Simone Calenda Foreign Affairs October 4396-May 4401 Cabinet Vespa-Baldassare (Sante) II
Otello Filippetti Infrastructure and Transport
Martina Saqqaf Health and Social Services
Simone Calenda Foreign Affairs May 4401-June 4403 Cabinet Napoleon I
Martina Saqqaf Health and Social Services
Teresa Felicetti Environment and Tourism
Simone Calenda Foreign Affairs July 4403-March 4408 Cabinet Napoleon II
Akhim Kathun Defence
Eliana Vinci Science and Technology
Samanta Coletti Justice April 4408-April 4412 Cabinet Bartone
Otello Filippetti Infrastructure and Transport
Otello Filippetti Infrastructure and Transport May 4412-August 4417 Cabinet Renzo I
Aghar Yassen Education and Culture
Davide Mastromauro Foreign Affairs September 4417-present Cabinet Renzo II
Samanta Coletti Justice
Teresa Felicetti Environment and Tourism


Main article: Il Radicale

Radical Alliance has a weekly official newspaper called Il Radicale (Luthorian: The Radical) which publishes news and reports on the party's activity and represent one of the most important voices of the progressivism in Istalia, being in 44th century the longest lasting center-leftist newspaper in Istalia, being founded in 4204 as Nuovi Orizzonti, New Horizons in Luthorian, as official newspaper of Liberty and Progress, which in turn was the heir of the party newspaper of the Social Liberal Party, the first denomination of Liberty and Progress).

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