The Radical Left International (RLI) is a broad network of radical Left-Wing parties from all around terra. It was founded by the Hutori Socialist Front in july 4634.

Leader Collective leadership
Founded july 4634
Position Left-Wing to Far-Left
Ideology Socialism









Communism (Factions)

Democratic Socialism (Factions)

Libertarian Socialism (Factions)

Anarchism (Factions)

Metzism-Leonidism (Factions)

Kaminskism (Factions)

Ruanism (Factions)

Syndicalism (Factions)

Radical Progressivism (Factions)

Social Democracy (Factions)

Left-Wing Populism (Factions)


History Edit

The RLI was founded in july 4634 by the Hutori Socialist Front and quickly grew to become one of the most prominent international socialist organizations in Terra. AS of 4673, it is the international organization with the biggest amount of members (22).

Ideology Edit

Program Edit

-Our goal is to unite the radical left beyond national and ideological lines. We welcome socialist, communist, anarchist and radical progressive parties to fight across Terra for our common goals.

-We strive to build a classless socialist society where the means of production are democratically owned and controlled by the workers and “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs” is the guiding principle.

-We support and defend the rights of workers everywhere. We champion shorter work-weeks, raised wages, increased workplace security and more workplace democracy.

-Human rights and human needs should be fulfilled by society for free. This includes healthcare, housing, collective transport, food, water, clothing, a worthy free time and education on all levels.

-We stand for environmentalism and know that green capitalism is impossible. Our goal is a society that puts both people and planet before profit.

-We stand against global imperialism and for the rights of all people to govern them self without being controlled by foreign capitalists.

-We fight for global peace and denuclearization.

-We are feminists and fight for gender equality in all fields.

-We fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+community.

-We stand against racism and fascism everywhere.

-We stand up for the rights of immigrants and refugees.

-We stand for the rights of indigenous peoples everywhere.

International Brigades for Freedom And Democracy Edit

The International Brigades for Freedom and Democracy (IBFD) is the armed wing of the RLI, the goal of this group is to "Defend democracy from the reactionary forces and aid liberation movements around Terra". The organization works more with humanitarian aid than armed struggle in practice but is also more than ready to use force if necesary. The IBFD is trained in and armed by some of the countries with RLI member parties in government. Participation in the IBFD-project is completely voluntary for all member parties.

Structure Edit

The IBFD is divided into brigades that are quite independent but also follow some common rules that are decided democratically by the RLI. Most common is that one brigade is under the leadership of a single member party, however countries with more than one member party might also join forces, aswell as parties that are geographically, culturally or ideologically very close.

Symbols Edit

Symbol Flag

Member Parties Edit

(This is a list of member parties, active and inactive, with wiki-pages)

Party Nation
Communist Party of Luthori Luthori
Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers Party Beluzia
Socialist Front Hutori
Left Bloc (Istalia) Istalia
In Éindí-Together Kirlawa
Communist Party of Dorvik Dorvik
Nation Party MPs Status in legislature
Barmenia Barmenistani Communist Workers Party
600 / 600
Government (leadership)
Beluzia Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers Party
77 / 500
Syndicalist Union Party
61 / 500
Dorvik Communist Party
295 / 611
Egelion People's Socialist Party of Egelion
0 / 500
No representation
Hutori Socialist Front
162 / 650
Istalia Left Bloc
155 / 681
Government (leadership)
Kalistan United Kalistani Worker's Front
750 / 750
Government (leadership)
Kalopia Democratic Left Alliance
98 / 300
Government (leadership)
62 / 300
Kanjor Communist Party of the Left of Kanjor
250 / 250
Government (leadership)
Likatonia Socialist Workers Party
136 / 675
Lodamun Democratic Socialist Progress
48 / 749
Luthori Communist Party of Luthori
22 / 150
Mordusia Popular Bloc
100 / 360
Government (leadership)
Rutania Social Egalitarian Party
103 / 750
Solentia Solentian Labour Party
102 / 500
Tukarali Communist Party of Tukarali
270 / 270
Government (leadership)
Valruzia Republican Left-Stand Up
435 / 750
Government (leadership)
Vorona Democratic Alliance
37 / 100
Zardugal Zardic Party of Metzist Unity
750 / 750
Government (leadership)
4,513 / 10,696
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