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Reactionary Czarist League
Reakcionársky Cisársky Liga
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Vodca Kazimír Bohdanský
Position Economically: Center-Left; Socially: Far-Right
Ideology Czarism, Monarchism, Patriarchal Integralism, Reactionaryism
Founded June 17, 3452
International Affiliation Brotherhood of Terror and Virtue
International Monarchist League
Radical Nationalists
Headquarters Čachtice, Darali
Nation Deltaria
Seats in Czarist Rada
63 / 380
Website www.cisarizmus.dt

The Reactionary Czarist League (Daralian: Reakcionársky Cisársky Liga) is a Czarist and ultratraditional Patriarchal political organization in the Deltarian Czardom supporting the rule of the Čestiborovská Dynastia and a strong social role for the Terran Patriarchal Church as the Deltarian state religion. The party is a member of the Cisársky Federácia, a loose coalition of Deltarian parties supporting Czarist rule. Between 3457 and 3466, the Czarist Federation participated in the Deltarian Czarist War, succeeding in restoring the Czardom under Dušan III.


The ideology of the Reactionary Czarist League can be summed up by its motto, Boh, Vlasť, Veci, Cisár (God, Fatherland, Veches, Czar).

  • Boh (God): The League is strongly religious, and believes that the Terran Patriarchal Church ought to be the state religion of Deltaria;
  • Vlasť (Fatherland): The Reactionaries, although opposed to Nationalism (which they see as a modern, un-Deltarian, ideology), are strongly patriotic. The League supports isolationism, and the removal of all groups that it sees as enemies of Deltaria;
  • Veci (Veches): The RCL advocates a decentralized, federal monarchy under traditional feudal "liberties". For that reason, the League advocates the restoration of the Veches (also known as Things in Doron Akigo), medieval Deltarian popular assemblies;
  • Cisár (Czar): As a Czarist party, the RCL supports the return of the Czar on the throne in Čachtice. The party does not argue in favour of an unlimited, absolute monarchy, but one limited by the Church and the Veches.


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