Rebeca I
Queen of Barmenia, Princess of Augusta, and Defender of the Catholic Faith
104747 vampire l
Queen Rebeca I
ReignNovember 2951-Present
PredecessorPresident Jason C. Kennedy
HouseHouse of Victoria
FatherConstantinus I
MotherSarah Yisserles VIII
ReligionSelucian Catholic

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rebeca I (2947-) was appointed the Monarch of Barmenia in November 2591 by pro-Selucian political parties. By virtue of her father, the Selucian Imperator Constantinus I she is Princess of Augusta, Selucia. She is also granted the title of Commander in Chief of Barmenian's Armed Forces. Her role in Barmenia, as of present, is a ceremonial one as her elected Regent acts as Head of State in all official matters. As Defender of the Catholic Faith, she does not serve in any religious capacity in the Catholic Church but is charged with politically protecting the Catholic Church in Barmenia. It is speculated that through her mother, she is heir to the Yishelem Throne.

Early LifeEdit

Rebeca was born in 2947 to Selucian Imperator Constantinus I and Sarah Yisserles VIII. As such, she is one quarter Hobzranian, one quarter Selucian, and half Beiteynese. Her birthplace was Augusta, Selucia where she currently resides with her parents and siblings. In 2952, she attended a private elementary school in Augusta and is also educated by private tutors. She is baptized Selucian Catholic.

Barmenian ReignEdit

Pro-Selucian politicians in Barmenia struck a deal with the Selucian Monarchy to appoint Rebeca as Monarch of Barmenia in November of 2951. Rebeca was chosen due to her young age, the fact that she is female, and low on the Line of Succession. Barmenian politicians did not want to give the Selucian Imperator the impression that they desired the Selucian Throne as well. This also allowed Barmenian politicians to claim a Monarchy without any Monarchical effects; the Barmenian Head of State is for all practical purposes independent of the Monarch.

Although powerless and blissfully unaware of Barmenian politics, Rebeca has been the target of much opposition by Muslim factions and anti-Selucian movements. Her Regents have shown considerable political independence of her and the Selucian Monarchy. On the other hand, she has facilitated the union of the Conservative Democratic Party and the Libertarian Catholic Party as both parties supported the Monarchy.


In 2956, the sudden disappearance of the Libertarian Catholic Party shocked both Barmenia and Selucia. This allowed for a Muslim party to take complete control of Barmenia, and Rebeca was dethroned, and returned to Selucia.


  • Queen of Barmenia
Primary form of address
  • Her Royal Majesty Queen Rebeca
  • Princess of Augusta
Primary form of address
  • Her Royal Majesty Princess Rebeca de Augusta
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