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A group of Red Bass, from which the ocean derives its name

The Red Bass Ocean, also known as the Verranderlijke Ocean, is an ocean which extends from the western coast of Majatra to the eastern Third World.


The Red Bass Ocean is the name used by the National Oceanographic Society of Indrala while the Verranderlijke Ocean is the name used an historic Selucian cartographer. Usage is mixed and depends significantly upon country of origin and historic background.


The Red Bass Ocean is the primary transport route from Majatra to the nations of the Third World.

Marine life[]

The Northern Rockhopper penguin is native to New Englia's Red Bass Ocean coastlines

The Red Bass Ocean is named after the Red Bass (Lutjanus bohar) which were abundant on its eastern boundaries at the time of its discovery by modern civilisations. In spite of this, the population of Red Bass has been in serious decline due to over-fishing and habitat loss. The Red Bass Protection and Conservation Society was established to preserve the species in the wild.

In addition, the ocean is home to the an extremely diverse array of wildlife, including over seventy thousand varieties of coral, Terra's largest animal, the Blue Whale, and numerous other birds species, such as the three species of Rockhopper Penguin, the Albatross and the Pelican.

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