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Red Party of Luthori
Leader Michelle Herring
Founded 5691
Dissolved n/a
Headquarters New Salem, Orange
Nation Luthori
Ideology socialism, state ownership, liberalism, environmentalism, communism
Political Position Far Left
International Affiliations Social Party Community
Radical Left International
Colours Red

The Red Party of Luthori was a far-left olitical party in Luthori founded in 4691. The party was a communist party classified at the left of the Communist Party of Luthori because of its more radical stance on collective owernship. The party participated in the the Maker III Cabinet and the Communist Revolution in 4694. It was dissolved in 4711 and merged into the CPL.

History Edit

Foundation (4691-4693) Edit

The party was founded in 4691 by Michelle Herring. In 4693, after the dissolution of the SDP, the party becomes the fifth party in Luthori and gains 11.24 % of the votes and 19 seats out of 150.

In the opposition (4693-4694) Edit

The party is in the opposition following the election as the Weston Cabinet I is formed by the right and the far-right.

Maker III Cabinet and Communist Revolution (4694-4697) Edit

After the 4694 parliamentary election, the party becomes the third party in Luthori and gains 19.65 % of the votes.

A few months after the election, the far-right Luthorian Conservative Party dissolves, leaving the communist parties with a majority of seats. The opportunity is seized and the RPL forms with the CPL an entirely communist government. Massive demonstrations are organised to celebrate what the communists call the Communist Revolution.

Communist policies are passed concerning the economy.

After the dissolution of other right-wing parties in the Diet, the communist government receives a two-thirds majority and which allows him to change to name of the country to People's Republic of Luthori. The Imperial Diet is renamed into People's Council and the number of seats in the Diet is decreased from 150 to 90.

In 4697, thinking that it would receive the support of the population, the communist cabinet calls for an early election after the constitutional reforms.

In the opposition (4697-4711) Edit

After the 4697 election, the party makes is best election result with 21.06 % of the votes. However, the opposition lead by White Rose wins a majority of seats. The T. Weston II Cabinet is formed.

From this point until the dissolution of the party, all the cabinets are formed by right-wing or far-right parties and the only legacy left from the Communist Revolution are the Constitutional Reforms, excepted the size of the People's Council which was increased to 350 seats. The RPL lost almost half of its seats in 4702 but slightly increased its vote share during the political crisis after the 4704, 4706 and 4707 early elections.

Dissolution and merging with the CPL Edit

In 4711, while the party parliamentarians were demonstrating outside the parliament against homophobia, a law restricting civil liberties was passed by the far-right Royalists and the White Rose. The RPL was blamed because the party could have avoided this if they were there and had voted against the reform.

Under heavy criticism, the party dissolved a few months later and merged into the CPL.

Electoral results Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Status
4693 7,424,143 11.24 New
19 / 150
Increase 19 In opposition
4694 12,993,698 19.65 Increase 8.12 %
31 / 150
Increase 12 Maker III
4697 13,381,713 21.06 Increase 1.41 %
20 / 90
Decrease 11 In opposition
4702 7,864,955 12.37 Decrease 8.69 %
11 / 90
Decrease 9 In opposition
4704 9,182,056 14.34 Increase 1.96 %
51 / 350
Increase 40 In opposition
4706 10,494,378 16.17 Increase 1.84 %
56 / 350
Increase 5 In opposition
4707 10,630,713 17.70 Increase 1.52 %
61 / 350
Increase 5 In opposition
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