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Government Seal of the National Salvation Military Council.

Reinhardtism is the political ideology supervening from August Reinhardt and his followers and successors. The term was later used to refer to people who hoped to restore the National Salvation Military Council and its style of government. In this sense, a Reinhardtist was a person who either actively participated in or advocated populist, militarist and republican political faction in 47th-century Kivonia. After Reinhardt, the term was applied to the Kivonian/Davostani politicians who reigned as successors of him, ruling in the Kivonian Dictatorship and subsequently in the Kivonian Empire and the Kivonian Consulate. The Reinhardtists desires a republic or empire under the National Salvation Military Council, the military junta of August Reinhardt and his many successors who ruled Kivonia. It can also be known as Reinhardtian Politics, or also as a common phrase being just Reinhardtianism.

Dictator August Reinhardt

Dictator August Reinhardt

The term has been used more generally for a political movement that advocated a dictatorship or authoritarian centralized state, with a strongman charismatic leader based on anti-elitist rhetoric, army support, and populism.

More generally, "Reinhardtism" may be used to describe the replacement of civilian leadership by military leadership within revolutionary movements or governments. A Reinhardtian government style and/or system, especially the one in Kivonia have been described as a Dictatorship of the Plebiscite, because of the strong support the Dictators had from the people, but also because every time a new Dictator was proclaimed he was legitimized by popular vote. Such a dictatorship can also be termed as a Civilian Dictatorship. The National Salvation Assembly of Kivonia always swore the newly proclaimed Dictator by the oath of The Dictatorship of the Commons and Soldiers, or in Selucian, Dictatura de Plebiscite et Militum, known as the Reinhardtian Oath.

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