Representative of Rutania of the
Commonwealth of Rutania
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Mr./Madame President
His/Her Excellency
Commonwealth Palace
Jack Simms
January 1, 2031
First holder
Urban Mubarak
April 18, 2031
1,000,000 RUT Plus any Expenses and Living costs
The Representative of Rutania is the head of state of Rutania. The Representative of Rutania co-leads the executive branch along with the First Secretary of State of the federal government.

Article V of the Constitution vests the executive power of Rutania in the president and charges him/her with guaranteeing the nation's independence and see to it that the Constitution is observed. The president is also the chief delegate when it comes to foreign affairs and has the power to nominate judicial officers of the Supreme Court and issue Executive Orders. Despite possessing limited powers when the Head of State and Government are split between two positions, the president is largely responsible for dictating the legislative agenda of his/her party and the foreign and domestic policy of the country.

The president is elected by the people via popular vote based on the election schedule. He/She receives a fixed salary of 1,000,000 RUT a year and lifetime benefits after retirement.

Powers and DutiesEdit

The Representative of Rutania has various powers and duties attached to the job. The Representative of Rutania is charged with being the Head of State of the country which means he/she is the chief diplomat when it comes to foreign affairs and is charge of dictating their party's legislation through the Parliament. At times the President may chose to focus solely on domestic issues, leaving foreign affairs to the Cabinet (specifically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or even the First Secretary of State to deal with. When the position is shared with the Head of Government, The Representative of Rutania takes on the role of that position. However, when the positions are split, the Representative of Rutaniapossesses limited powers and serves as a check to the First Secretary of State.

Though the Constitution doesn't outline a specific list of powers for the position, the Parliament established said powers through the passage of the Executive Powers Act in 3340 and with the passage of the Executive Order Act in 3360.

Powers of the Representative of Rutania

  • Issue Executive Orders
  • Nominate judges to the Supreme Court of Rutania
  • Request War/Military Action against a foreign nation
  • Appoint members to any posts within the military
  • Appoint members to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Call emergency cabinet meetings

Term and TenureEdit

The term of office for president is four years though, a term may end shorter in the event early elections are called. There are no term limits for the position and many presidents have gone on to serve upwards of 5 and 6 terms in office.


The President is payed a yearly salary of 1,000,000 RUT. The salary for the position can only be raised (or lowered) by approval from the Parliament.

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