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Republikańska Lewica - Wstań
Republican Left - Stand Up
Republican Left Valruzia
Party Leader
July 4642
Student Wing
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Youth Wing
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Left Wing
Seats in the Sejm
387 / 750
2 / 5
Politics of Valruzia
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Republikańska Lewica - Wstań (Luthorian: Republican Left - Stand Up), abbreviated as RL-W and formerly known as Naprzód Walruzja (Forward Valruzia), is a left-wing party founded in July 4642 in Valruzia by Maja Ciborowska, a Valruzian feminist activist, with the purpose to end with the political inactivity in the nation generated by the lack of political freedom.

Forward Valruzia supports participatory democracy, feminism and LGBT rights, environmentalism, social equality and social welfare.

In 4649 the party general secretary, Dymitr Bojarski, officially changed its name to "respect the cultural and social movement that Forward Valruzia meant for Valruzian society and democracy"

Political ideologyEdit

It was founded with the purpose of representing and defending the interests of the working class, and to create a "common space for the left" to recover the Valruzian institutions and the confidence from the citizens in politics and politicians.

It defends the separation of State and Religion, with most of its members and high representatives being openly atheists. They support the restoration of the Istalian Republic and the elimination of the monarchy. They also position themselves in favor of LGBT rights, igualitarism, feminism and abortion, as well as new forms of energy (reneweable energy). They are supporters of a the instauration of a social republicanism and participatory democracy, involving citizens more directly in politics and devolving more powers to regional governments.


The party was founded after decades of political inactivity in the nation, where since 4615 there has been no free and democratic elections. It traces its roots back in the "Forward Valruzia" movement.

When it entered the Sejm, the first legislature of Bojarski was marked by the constitution and creation of numerous democratic institutions, such as the Supreme Court, the Law on Referendums or the Law on the Marshall of the Sejm, together with some socially progressive laws such as the same-sex marriage.

After the 4648 elections, its General Secretary decided to changed the party's name to "respect the cultural and social movement that Forward Valruzia meant for Valruzian society and democracy".

Party organizationEdit

The party has one leader, elected by the General Assembly, and one Secretary, elected by the militants. The main legislative organ is the Federal Committee, composed by 11 members, 2 from the militants of each province plus one chosen by the Secretary. They advise the Leader and decide whatever happens internally in the party, whilst the Secretary has to make the decisions regarding the outside of the party.

Party Leader
Name Portrait Secretariat Age


1 Maja Ciborowska Maja Ciborowska 4642-4667 33-58 4644-4648


Party General Secretary
Name Portrait Secretariat Age


1 Dymitr Bojarski Dymitr Bojarski 4642-4663 46-67 4645-4664
2 Krystian Brosz Krystian Brosz 4663- 43- 4664-
Party Spokesperson
Spokesperson Duration
Tamara Gniadek Empty 4642-

Regional LeadersEdit

Region Federation Regional Secretary Status in legislature
Government Opposition
Portrait Since Lead Support Main Rest
Chynberg Wstań Chynberskie Leo Pelka Leo Pelka 4663 Yes
Gryfit Wstań Gryfickie Zuzanna Kempisty Zuzanna Kempisty 4675 Yes
Kampania Wstań Kampanii Rafał Jamroz Rafał Jamroz 4675 Yes
Ruzian Wstań Ruzyjskie Klara Wincek Klara Wincek 4663 Yes
Valusian Wstań Waluzyjskie Odeta Dykas Odeta Dykas 4675 Yes

Electoral resultsEdit

Legislative electionsEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size Regional Gvt. Notes Secretariat
#  % Total +/−
4644 11,802,990 100
550 / 550
Increase550 Government 1st
5 / 5
4648 19,335,289 49.17
387 / 750
Decrease163 Government 1st
2 / 5
4652 31,288,365 51.18
386 / 750
Decrease1 Government 1st
3 / 5
4656 27,686,574 55.94
427 / 750
Increase41 Government 1st
3 / 5
4660 25,084,168 53.63
409 / 750
Decrease18 Government 1st
3 / 5
4664 26,161,627 57.24
435 / 750
Increase26 Government 1st
3 / 5
4668 24,045,551 46.39
355 / 750
Decrease80 Government 1st
3 / 5
4672 33,420,594 57.78
435 / 750
Increase80 Government 1st
3 / 5
4676 24,542,499 58.62
442 / 750
Increase7 Government 1st
3 / 5

Presidential electionsEdit

Election Candidate Round 1 Round 2 Win
 %  %
4644 Maja Ciborowska 100 #1 none Yes
4648 49.19 #2 No
4652 51.4 #1 Yes
4656 55.67 #1 Yes
4660 54.21 #1 Yes
4664 56.40 #1 Yes
4668 45.94 #1 59.92 Yes
4672 60.17 #1 none Yes
4676 58.67 #1 Yes

Positions held Edit

Cabinet positions
Position Name Date
Foreign Affairs Odeta Wisowaty 4645-
Internal Affairs Grzegorz Guzinski 4645-
Finance Kasandra Sochaczewska 4645-
Defence Wiktoria Dembinska 4645-
Justice Maciej Kokot 4645-
Infrastructure & Transport Piotr Kolinski 4645-
Health & Social Services Mirosława Kruk 4645-
Education & Culture Urszula Furman 4645-
Science & Technology Wanessa Rejewska 4645-
Food & Agriculture Seweryn Sakovich 4645-
Environment & Tourism Metody Kosior 4645-
Trade & Industry Witold Kalista 4645-

Symbols historyEdit

Party General Secretary
Logo Period Chosen by Reason
Forward Valruzia Logo 4640 Maja Ciborowska Representation of the "Forward Valruzia" social movement against the soft dictatorship in Valruzia.
Republican Left Valruzia 4649 Dymitr Bojarski Respect to the political meaning of the "Forward Valruzia" movement.
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