Republican Party
Republikanische Partei
General SecretaryLouis Mendel
HeadquartersLabsburg (Byūdenrā (Budenlar))
Student wingRepublican Student League
Youth wingRepublican Youth
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Civic Nationalism
Political positionCentre Left to Far Left
48 / 500
4 / 13
0 / 5

The Republican Party (Dun. Republikanische Partei, abbreviated RP) is a political party in Hulstria and Gao-Soto. It promotes a democratic socialist, civic nationalist, pro-republican and pro-federalist political agenda.

It was founded on the 7th August 4388 by Julius Stuhr following the collapse of the Imperial Crownland government. It has been a major party since its founding and is the country's oldest active political party.


The Republican Party supports the implementation of a socialist economic policy and a progressive social policy. It aims for a gradual implementation of a state planned economy in line with other socialist states.

However it is in staunch opposition to vanguardism and Leonidism, regarding democratic opposition by other parties as a necessity for an effective political system.

Socially it is progressive, advocating for universal healthcare, expansive welfare programs and high levels of government investment, with an aim to eliminate poverty and unemployment, as well as improve the quality of life of the nation's citizens.

Internationally it is protectionist. However it does not refrain from economic and military treaties if necessary for the defence and development of the nation.

The Republican Party is pro-republican, regarding the monarchic periods of the past as backwards and ineffective. It supports federalism, and limited autonomy for minority groups, such as the Kunihito.

Party OrganisationEdit

Party Leader
Name Portrait Leader Leadership Election Age (election-resignation) Federal President
1 Julius Stuhr Julius Stuhr 4388-4397 4388 43-52 4389-4393



2 Freya Reimann Freya Reimann 4397-4401 4397 43-47 4397-4401
2 Louis Mendel Louis Mendel 4401-present 4401 49-

Electoral HistoryEdit

Federal President
Round 1
Round 2
 %  %
4389 Julius Stuhr Julius Stuhr 100 none Yes
4393 38.90 51.91 Yes
4394 51.87 None Yes
4397 Freya Reimann Freya Reimann 99.92 none Yes
4401 11.18 No No
Federal Diet
Number of votes
Total votes
% votes
4388 11,942,704 11,942,704 100
500 / 500
new 1st Majority Government
4389 11,456,486 11,456,486 100
500 / 500
Steady Steady 1st Majority Government
4393 19,950,143 53,656,905 37.80
189 / 500
Decrease-311 Decrease 2nd Early Election
4394 28,555,633 54,700,375 52.20
262 / 500
Increase+73 Increase 1st Majority Government
4397 56,943,631 56,971,036 99.95
500 / 500
Increase+238 Steady 1st Majority Government
4401 6,036,453 61,946,077 9.74
48 / 500
Decrease-452 Decrease 5th Government Coalition
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