Restorationist Church of Eliyahu and Latter Day Hosians
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TypeRestorationist Hosian
Theistic philosophyNonbinitarian, Bitheism
Supreme divinityElyon and Eliyahu
Major ProphetsAriel, Eliyahu, Zophiel, Absalom Wilson
ScriptureHosian Bible, Book of Zophiel
President of the ChurchJovani Brown
HeadquartersFremont, Ralston
Members~2-3 million

The Restorationist Church of Eliyahu and Latter Day Hosians (also known as Zophielism or Latter Day Hosianism) is a minor Hosian church with a significant presence in Baltusia and minor presence in neighbouring states in Gaduridos, Kalistan, Likatonia, Lodamun and Tukarali. The Church was founded by Absalom Wilson in the 4730's in Baltusia following a visitation by the Angel Zophiel.

Written Texts[edit | edit source]

The Church uses the Hosian Bible (including the Katub and Annunciation) and the Book of Zophiel. The church also teaches sacred ordinances through which adherents make covenants with God, including baptism, confirmation and holy communion, all of which are of great significance to church members. The Book of Zophiel is a sacred text of the Latter Day Hosians movement, which, according to Latter Day Hosians theology, contains writings of ancient prophets who lived on the Seleyan continent thousands of years earlier.

Practices[edit | edit source]

Followers of the Restorationist Church of Eliyahu and Latter Day Hosians have been noted for their social conservatism and for the widespread practice of polygamy. The Church has been criticised for perceptions of pan-Seleyan or specifically Baltusian nationalism. Amongst other beliefs the Book of Zophiel details that after His resurrection Eliyahu Hosias travelled to northern Seleya. The Book details that the new Yishelem will be founded in northern Seleya, specifically in modern Baltusia.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Latter Day Hosians have often come under criticism. For example, in Baltusia two laws were in place until 4910, firstly that polygamous marriages were not recognised, and secondly "cults" were persecuted by the state authorities, which at time included Latter Day Hosians. Outside of Baltusia other states have often taken measures to limit the influence of Latter Day Hosians. An example of this is in Dolgava where in April 4922 the Dolgavan Supreme Court issued a ruling regarding religious education specifically designed to restrict the influence of Latter Day Hosians in that country.

Links to Other Religions[edit | edit source]

It has been pointed out that the Latter Day Hosians share some similarities with the Church of God of Latter Day Hosioi of Mikuni-Hulstria although there is no official relationship between the two churches. It has been suggested by one scholar that Absalom Wilson visited Hulstria as a young man and may have been exposed to the Church of God, although Latter Day Hosians dispute this claim.

External Links[edit | edit source]

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