The Revolution of 2356 was the failed socialist revolution starting in that year, the power struggle between the Left and Right parties, and the eventual right wing reaction as the revolution failed.

The revolution was a seemingly spontaneous event that no political observers saw coming, but there were many deep rooted reasons behind the revolution.

Prior to 2356 Baltusia had for a long time been dominated by right wing or centered parties. There was no real left party in the Baltusian Political arena. This left a large portion of the populace, especially the lower aspects of society, feeling frustrated and without a voice.

The election of October 2356 was a hard campaign and as the polls drew closer the atmosphere grew to a fever pitch. The results were a shock to everyone. Even those who had predicted some progress for the Revolutionary Democratic Socialists no-one predicted such a result. The RDS won the biggest share of the Senate, and Dick Nichols their party leader was elected Praetor.

The response of the RDS was to prematurely declare the nation in a state of socialist revolution. This was an immature decision, while they held the position of Praetor, they were effectively unable to form a government, as the smaller rightist opposition parties united to form a coalition

The declaration of socialist revolution acted as a catalyst to unite all of the opposition forces against the RDS. with the exception of the Socialist Party, the senate was largely now united against the RDS and fairly determined to stop any measures too radical from crossing the floor, which they were more than capable of doing being the majority.

After the election the RDS publicly called there supporters to come onto the streets in support of the the party and the revolution. This resulted in the right, partially the militia of the Baltusian Pantian Alliance having counter rallies. Soon the demonstrations resulted in violent and bloody clashes between pro revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries.

In this climate of fear and violence the "National Bill 2357/01" was passed that drastically reduced the rights of Baltusia's citizens in direct violation to the Bill of Rights.

After the National Bill, and the blatant violation of civil rights, resistance against the bill and its laws became too much. The Orange Party again came to the front as the leading party against the reaction. The National laws were overturned shortly after and the nation returned to a state more or less similar to where it began. Despite both extreme left and extreme right grabs for power, the great nation of Baltusia didn't really progress in either direction, and remained a very centered nation.

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