The Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) is a Revolutionary Socialist, Feminist, Anti-racist and Environmentalist party in the United States of Baltusia

Name Revolutionary Socialist Party
General Secretary Olivia Barnaby
Founded July 4726
Ideology Socialism




Environmentalism (Eco-Socialism)




Grassroots Democracy




Trade Unionism

Position Left-Wing to Far-Left
Slogan "A World to Win - A Life to Live"
International Affiliations Radical Left International

Socialist International

178 / 650
3 / 5

History Edit

Foundation Edit

The party was founded in july 4726 to give the Baltusian people a left-wing alternative, at the time of foundation there were no other large scale socialist parties in the country. At the founding congress there were some major discussions including the name of the party, the use of the word "communism" and standpoints on issues such as nuclear power, pornography, military politics and several security issues. Three candidates participated in the election for general secretary, the winner was 32-year old socialist activist and paper industry worker Olivia Barnaby, she recived around 72% of votes. The other candidates were the more moderate Jonas Pratchett (c 17%) and the more radical Eve Riley (c 11%), both of whom were still elected to the party leadership.

First federal leadership Edit

The first RSP leadership consisted of:

-Olivia Barnaby: General Secretary. Paper industry worker and long time socialist activist.

-Sha'quan Alston: Anti-racist Spokesperson and Vice General Secretary. Esinsundu-Baltusian anti-racist and communist activist.

-Molly Rogers: Economic Spokesperson and Second Vice General Secretary. Economist influenced by Metzism known for the book Pragmatic Communism - How we make it work in practice.

-Alexandría Correa: Foreign Policy Spokesperson. Anti-imperialist and former journalist.

-Rose Morrison: Feminist Spokesperson. Prominent feminist known for her work with women's shelters and the controversial feminist group "the Purple Guard".

-Victor Haywood: Labor Spokesperson. Leading member of the dock worker's union who rose to public attention during a large scale labor dispute.

-Fernando Alarcón: Justice Spokesperson. Lawyer known for helping refugees and illegal immigrants.

-Sam Nicholson: Environmental Spokesperson. Scientist specializing in climate change and prominent supporter of eco-socialism and he use of civil disobidience.

-Erin Page: Healthcare Spokesperson. Long time nurse, revolutionary socialist and transgender activist.

-Yanaye Mason: Education Spokesperson. Teacher known for her opposition to homework, grading systems and private schools.

-Eve Riley: Defence Spokesperson. A radical voice in the party, Metzist-Leonidist and a strong supporter of denuclearization.

-Jonas Pratchett: Welfare Spokesperson. A moderate voice in the party, a strong supporter of the welfare state and opponent of privatization.

-Anndee Hinton: Culture and Media Spokesperson. Stage and Movie screenwriter and director known for bringing up racial, gender and class injustices in a lo of her work.

-Lu Ning: Infrastructure and Transport Spokesperson. Socialist and feminist activist who was once fired from her job as a bus driver when i was revealed that she had allowed many passangers to ride for free.

-Eliana Berrocal: Rural Spokesperson. A voice for the rural communities within the left, sometimes critical of many aspects of mainstream environmentalism.

-Tahatan Odakota: Mashacara Spokesperson. Indigenous and environmental activist.

-Tommy Jarvis: Science and Technology Spokesperson. Open source developer and acivist for several left-wing couses.

-Malcolm Rodney: Housing Spokesperson. Community organizer.

-Emma Harris: LGBTQ+Spokesperson. Lesbian activist.

-Amy Phillips: Information Secretary. Transgender activist and community organizer.

-Natalia Jara: Santiago Representative. Musician and member of the retail workers union.

-Bill Woods: Attano Representative. Local communist icon for more than fifty-five years, retired leading member of the construction union.

-Juan Alexander Palau: New Egelion Representative. Psycologist often working with how power affects the human brain.

-Nicole Moore: Ralston Representative. Bisexual activist, radical feminist and preschool teacher.

-Tansy Kakawangwa: Westbrook Representative. Mashacara land rights activist and outspoken communist.

-Jimar Davis: Trade Union Representative. Member of the transport workers union.

-Haley Miller: Trade Union Representative. Member of the public workers union.

-Duan Shi: Youth Wing Representative. Young activist known for her work with anti-fascism.

-Henry Mensing: Youth Wing Representative. Prominent young communist.

Early history Edit

The part made some headlines and managed to bring some issues up to parliament while not having any seats through active campaigning and name lists.

Entering parliament Edit

The RSP's election campaign where widely succesful and the party recieved jus above a quarter of all votes, becoming the largest party in Baltusia. The RSP did however finish second in the presidential election being defeated by the openly fascist Upper Center Party in the second round.

Barnaby Government Edit

The RSP formed a broad coalition government with the Democratic Change, Liberal Democratic Party and Baltusian Centrist Party lead by RSP general Secretary Olivia Barnaby. The coalition managed to push through several reforms including a more welcoming refugee policy and public housing. The ideological differences did hoever complicate a lot of the cabinet's work which eventualy led to the LDP and BCP voting in favor of another cabinet proposal, led by the UCP. The new proposal did not gain the votes needed to pass but it made the conflicts in the government painfully clear. The RSP decided to abandon the government and refered to the LDP and BCP as "fascist collaborators".

Organization Edit

The party is divided into five districts, one for each region, and The districts are divided into several local chapters. There are also cells within many chapters that mobilize workplaces and neighbourhoods where the party has a strong presence, it's youth and stundet wings are responsible for organizing school cells.

The highest decision-making organ is the party congress, made up of members elected from every region, that is called every second or third year and can edit the party program and constitution. The congress also elects a federal leaderhip that makes up the party's political leadership beween every congress. Every year when a congress is not held a federal meeting is held instead that is simular in nature but dos no have the same amount of decision making power. Membership direct democracy is also used in a lot of situaions, such as when choosing the party's presidential candidate.

Affiliates, wings and internal groups Edit

Name Role Logo Flag
Revolutionary Socialist Youth Youth Wing
Communist Student Association Student Wing
Baltusian Revolutionary Trade Union Confederation Affiliated Trade Union
Revolutionary Trade Unionist Network Network of supporters in other unions
Revolutionary Socialist Women's Liberation Front Women's Wing
Rainbow Revolutionaries LGBTQ+ Wing
The Revolutionary Party Newspaper

Activist groups supporting the RSP Edit

Some groups that are not officially tied to the RSP but have endorsed them officially.

Name Cause Logo Flag
Borders Can't Stop Us Refugee Rights
The Purple Guard Radical Feminism
Revolutionary Anti-fascist Front Militant Anti-fascism
Housing is a Human Right Campaign Housing Rights
Survival Rebellion Climate Justice
Mashacara Liberation Movement Mashacara Rights
Black Power Action Group Esinsundu-Baltusian Rights
Sunshine Climate Movement Climate Justice
Militant Queers LGBTQ+ Rights

Ideology Edit

Socialism and Communism Edit

The RSP is a socialist and mostly communist party. The party os not sworn to any speficic theoretical branch and borrows theories and practice from varius left-wing ideologies. The RSP is generally Metzist (OOC:Marxist), but not generally very orthodox such. In some ways the RSP are close to syndicalism in their shared belief in industrial democracy and workplace organization. The believes in the ultimate abolition of the state, but sees the need for a transitional socialist state to build a communist society and supports a planned economy as the best solution to climate change.

Feminism Edit

The RSP is strongly feminist and is inspired by radical feminist, metzist/socialist feminist and queer feminist theory.

Anti-racism and Anti-fascism Edit

The RSP is Anti-racist and Anti-fascist.

Controversies Edit

Allegations of extremism Edit

The RSP has often been described as an extremist party and is often considered very controversial. The party is openly revolutionary, but defines that not as wanting a violent revolution but as being for a radical change in the foundations of society. The party has not denied nor approved of their extremist label, when asked by a reporter about her thoughts on her party being described as extremist, General Secretary Olivia Barnaby commented:

"A sociey with extreme ineuality, extreme injustices and extreme corruption requires solutions that are percieved by those who have accepted the current order as normal to be extreme and completely off the table, the right and establishment can call us whatever they want. We'll keep fighting for the orld we want to live in."

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