The National Anthem of Rildanor was written by Leinahtan de Gnatville in 2722. It was formally adopted in January 2723 by the Senate.

Lyrics of the Anthem Edit

In FrenchEdit

Ô Rildanor! Notre but sera:
Pour fonder, une monde de paix
Notre foi soit notre guide.
Allons citoyens,
Protégez nos droits,
Contre nos craintes, nos ennemis.
Soyez courageux et fort,
pour patrie et famille,
Un coeur, une âme,
Un esprit, un but.


In EnglishEdit

O Rildanor! Our aim shall be:
To found, a world of peace,
Our faith, be our stand.
Arise citizens,
Protect our rights
Against our fears, our enemies.
Be brave and strong,
for your home, your loved ones.
One heart, one soul,
One mind, one goal.

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