Roberta Lusk

Empress of Hulstria

Grand Duchess of Sisula

Viscountess of Ayelsbury

Father Marcus Lusk, Count of Ayelsbury
Mother Dame Martha Douglas
Spouse Godric II, Emperor of Hulstria
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Empress of Hulstria
  • HRH the Viscountess of Ayelsbury
  • HRM the Grand Duchess of Sisula
Date of Birth June 6th, 2770
Date of Death
Imperial Dynasty House Lusk

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Roberta Lusk of Hulstria, Grand Duchess of Sisula, Viscountess of Ayelsbury (b. June 6th, 2770, Lusk Palace, Principality of Central Macon) was the consort of Godric II of Hulstria. Born to Marcus Lusk, Count of Ayelsbury, and Dame Martha Douglas, Roberta was a member of the Central Macon Imperial Family and the House Lusk; she was also the grand-daughter of former Prince Leopold II, the former head of the Lusk Principality. Upon birth she was styled as Her Royal Highness the Viscountess of Ayelsbury and when she married Godric, she was given the title of Her Imperial Majesty the Crown Princess of Hulstria. In 2814 she was titled the "Empress of Hulstria" after Godric's coronation.

Roberta graduated from the from the University of Athlorcaea with a PhD in History and represented the Principality in several humanitarian causes, in particular working as a philanthropist dealing with the homeless in Central Macon. In 2798 Roberta meet Godric and married him 2 years later in a large wedding ceremony in Kien; the royal couple had their first child in Febuary 2801. Their second child, Klaus Gustav, was born in in July 2803, Josephine in January 2808, and Martha in Ocobter 2810.

Titles & StylesEdit

Hulstrian Phoenix Flag
Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:
  • Crown Princess of Hulstria (8 December 2798 - 16 Febuary 2814)
  • Empress of Hulstria (16 Febuary 2814 - )
Primary form of address
  • Her Imperial Majesty Empress Roberta of Hulstria
Principality of Central Macon:
  • Viscountess of Ayelsbury (6 June 2770 - )
Primary form of address
  • Her Royal Highness Roberta Lusk, Viscountess of Ayelsbury
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