Rodney Newman was born in March 4234 in Lirona, Telamon. In that times he was alone with his father, his father was a really bad person. His father was fascist and Rodney didn't want to live with him, he hated him, that's how he did became an anarchist. He had a child, Danny Newman, and 15 years after he will create the Communist Party of the Liberals, a Communist/Anarcho-Communist party in Telamon.

He died with 57 years old, 4291, and his child, Danny Newman, replaces him in his party, changing dramatically his party to the Libertarian Socialist Party.

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Rodney Newman was very famous for its contribution to the first periods of The Strong Anarchy, especially for helping Kafe Commune. You may see him with Mateo Montejo (former Kafe Commune leader and Head of State of Telamon) in some pictures.

(Rodney Newman, 4276) (Rodney Newman's wife) (Rodney Newman's father) (Mateo Montejo, 4278)
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