Royal Assembly of Dankuk
Dankuk Parliamentary Seal
PresidentYoo Donghyun, DNU
since 1 March 3850
Political groups      Dankuk National Union (645)
      Social Democratic Movement (105)
Voting systemFirst-past-the-post
Last election15 May 3856
Meeting place
Royal Assembly Conference Hall
Conference Hall, Royal Assembly Building
Seongtaek, Dankuk
Web site

The Royal Assembly of Dankuk (Kyo: 왕의회, Wanguihoe) was the unicameral national legislature of the Kingdom of Dankuk. There were 750 seats apportioned to the five provinces and three special cities of Dankuk. Members were directly elected and serve 4-year terms.

The Royal Assembly was established following the Great Kyo Revolution of 3608 and it became the national legislature of the newly founded nation of Dankuk. Members of the assembly were responsible for the creation and passage of many of the national laws. They also had the power of electing a government, led by the President of the Government.

Juche3 Democratic People's Republic of Kyoseon
Pyongro (Capital)
History 3572 Dranish coup d'étatBaekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranian Seung RevolutionDranlandEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo Revolution of 3608Great Sekowian WarKyobando Manifesto of 3597Northern Dovani4590 Revolution4613 Imperial Restoration4642 Revolution
Subdivisions Provinces: Flag of Eljang ElbianFlag of Reunii LorenMyeo MagadoniaFlag of Hyonggi ValdorFlag of Ulbrach Ulbrach
Federal Cities: GC Flag GongmangdoIglesia Mayor Flag Iglesia MayorPort Rhynach Flag Port RhynachFlag of Seongtaek Seongtaek
Capital City: Yonseoflag Pyongro
Politics PresidentChairman of the National Affairs CommitteeSupreme Soviet of People's Power
Political Parties: Kyo Worker's PartyProgressive UnityParty of CommunistsRed Flag
Demographics Religion: Cheonist HosianismDaenismSeodongyoSindoZenshō
Ethnicity: Kyo

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