WARNING THIS ARTICLE IS OUT OF DATE AND INACURATE The Land Fighters (Barmenian: Rilaékshlajhiko) is the army branch of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan. The total number of troops is about 22.3 million. The Army can deploy four army corps of about 17.5 million troops to conduct joint operations at short notice, and can conduct air assault operations with a lift capability of several battalions at a time, day and night.

Commander of the Army: Land Fighters’ Leader (Field Marshal) G'rcht Lage

Structure Edit

The Land Fighters are organised into the following commands:

  • Ground Forces Command
    • First Army Command – Kathre
      • First Battle Tank Battalion
      • First Artillery Regiment
    • Second Army Command – Ekde
      • Second Battle Tank Battalion
      • Second Artillery Regiment
    • Third Army Command – Varishehr
      • Third Battle Tank Battalion
      • Third Artillery Regiment
    • Fourth Army Command – Koslapylz
      • Fourth Battle Tank Battalion
      • Fourth Artillery Regiment
    • Fifth Army Command – Zàt'ju'stad
      • Fifth Battle Tank Battalion
      • Fifth Artillery Regiment
  • Training Command – Salve
    • Battle Tank Training Battalion
    • Artillery Training Regiment
  • Logistics Command – Kathre
  • Aviation Command – Ekde
    • Aviation Brigade
  • Nuclear Command – Ekde

Main Equipment Edit

Army of Barmenistan
115,881battle tanks
68,208armoured personnel carriers
5,113attack helicopters
19,048anti-aircraft guns
14,325rocket artillery
50,494self-propelled artillery
18,849towed artillery
11,495recoilless artillery
12,068automatic grenade launchers
32,456thermonuclear ICBMs
879,432tactical ICBMs
23.4mtons of assorted chem weapons
12.6mtons of assorted bio weapons
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