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Party Leader
Fort William, Luthori
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Royalist Students
Youth Wing
The Young Royalists
Monarchism, ultranationalism, religious conservatism, fascism, authoritarism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Imperial Diet
0 / 350
Duchies Diets Seats
0 / 500

Royalists was a far-right party in Luthori that existed from 4707 until its ban in 4712. The party became the first party in Luthori in 4712.

History Edit

Founded in 4707, the party surprisingly won a by-election in 4708 and gained its first parliamentarian.

The party created the Knights of Saint Richards, a militia whose aim was to defend the royalist meetings from the communist and anti-fascist demonstrators. It gained popularity this way and won multiple local elections.

The party reached the first place in the 4712 Luthorian parliamentary election with 22.89 % of the votes.

A few months later, the party was banned due to illegal activities concerning the militia.

Electoral results Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/-
4712 14,679,438 22.89 New
81 / 350
Increase 81
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