Ryeo Yejun
Ryeo Yejun

In office
3 December 4352 – 1 December 4369
Succeeded by

Party Leader of New Dawn
In office
2 Apr 4338 – 28 Dec 4407
Preceded by
Succeeded by

28 July 4312
28 December 4407
Political party
Alma Mater
Politician, Entrepreneur

Ryeo Yejun, also known as Lü Yejun, is the former Chief Minister of Indrala, former leader of the political party New Dawn, and the head of the Lü Clan. Ryeo is the grandson of the last recognized Ryeo emperor of Dankuk and is a cousin of Indralan emperor Sun Lijun. His brother, Ryeo Seojun, is the founder and co-chairman of FangCaiRyeo Group.

Serving as Chief Counselor for 17 years, Lü is the longest serving Indralan head of government since the Yu Restoration.

Early Life Edit

Ryeo was born on 28 July 4312, not long after his family, the House of Ryeo, took refuge in Indrala after escaping persecution by the anti-Ryeo dictatorship in Dankuk. At the time he became the only member in the direct line of succession to have been born outside of Dankuk.

His family would never be able to return to Dankuk and Ryeo would grow up in Indrala and eventually attend Kaizhou National University.

Politics Edit

Following the suspicious death of his father in Gongmangdo, possibly at the hands of the government, Ryeo became increasingly public with his opinions and sought to forge a new path for his family, now very disconnected from their homeland in Dankuk. Angered by the betrayal of Ryeo loyalists and public inaction against the dictatorship, Ryeo took a harsh stance in his view of Dankuk and found himself aligned with Indralan nationalists of the Phoenix Party. From his growing involvement with ranking members of the Phoenix Party, Ryeo became involved in plans to restructure the political party following the restoration of the Indralan monarchy.

Ryeo found himself at the forefront of New Dawn's political foundation and with support of eager nationalists in the party he was propelled to the leadership of the party. Becoming leader of New Dawn in 4338, Ryeo placed great emphasis on foreign policy issues, targeting the dictatorship in Dankuk and calling on more action by the Indralan government to bring about regime change. Driven by success of New Dawn politicians in domestic politics and widespread consensus for an interventionist policy on Dankuk, the party surged in the 4352 elections, becoming the largest party in the nation. Ryeo would become the Chief Minister in December 4352, leading a coalition with the Lotus Party.