Safety and Tradition
Bezpieczeństwo i Tradycja
ChairmanLudwik Laszewski
Founded30 December 4647
Dissolved27 August 4651
HeadquartersNowogard, Valusian, Republic of Valruzia
IdeologyNational Conservatism, Valruzian Nationalism, Economic Nationalism, Social Conservatism, Right-wing Populism
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationIdentity and Democracy
Colours     Navy blue      Yellow
Seats in the Sejm
363 / 750
3 / 5
[[Category:Political parties in {{{state}}}]]Safety and Tradition (Valruzian: Bezpieczeństwo i TradycjaBiT) was a national-conservative and right-wing populist political party in Valruzia, they were a member of the Identity and Democracy (IaD) organization.

The party was founded in late 4647 by Ludwik Laszewski, as a national-conservative party. It was formed from the "A Safe Valruzia" movement, which was a large demonstration against the left-wing ruling party, Forward Valruzia.

The party programme follows a conservative and law and order agenda. It has embraced economic interventionism, while maintaining a socially conservative stance.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The party was created on a wave of popularity gained from demonstrations set up by Ludwik Laszewski. The main purpose of the party is to take back the country from the left-wing, ruling party, Forward Valruzia.

4648 election Edit

After gaining a lot of attraction from the demonstrations called by Laszewski in late December 4647, the Safety and Tradition became the main rival force against the Forward Valruzia, especially after the 4648 election, upon where the BiT skyrocketed and almost won more seats in the Sejm than the NW, despite the huge victory it was almost overshadowed by Konstantyn Grodzicki's victory of the Presidency. Grodzicki did not only win the popular vote, the BiT received more votes than its counterpart.

Dissolving Edit

After internal fighting, the party dissolved in 4651.

Party leadership Edit

The party is composed of the General Committee which acts as the legislative power and the National Congress which is the executive power. The members of the General Committee are elected by the National Congress, the Committee then nominates one or more candidates for the position of Chairman to the National Congress who in turn chooses one of the candidates to lead the party.

Party leader
Name Portrait Period Public Office(s)
1 Ludwik Laszewski Ludwik Laszewski 4647 - Present None
Presidential Candidate
Candidate Period Term(s)
1 Konstantyn Grodzicki Konstantyn Grodzicki 4648 - Present 4648

Regional leaders Edit

Region Regional Organization Regional Leaders


Candidate Since
Chynberg Bezpieczny Chynberskie Lucyna Domzalska Lucyna Domzalska 4647 Yes
Gryfit Bezpieczny Gryfickie Ferdynand Kowalski Ferdynand Kowalski 4648 No
Kampania Bezpieczny Kampanii Antonius Ogrodnik Antonius Ogrodnik 4648 No
Ruzian Bezpieczny Ruzyjskie Stefania Mileska Stefania Mileska 4648 Yes
Valusian Bezpieczny Waluzyjskie Leopold Cichosz Leopold Cichosz 4648 Yes

Electoral results Edit

Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia
Number of votes
Total votes
% votes
4648 19,991,552 39,326,841 50.83
363 / 750
New Opposition 2nd
Office of the President of the Republic of Valruzia
Date Candidate 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Position Votes % Results


Konstantyn Grodzicki 20,263,040 50.81 1st There was none Won

Positions held Edit

Presidents of the Republic of Valruzia from BiT Edit

Name Portrait From To
Konstantyn Grodzicki Konstantyn Grodzicki 16 September 4648 Incumbent

Chancellors of the Republic of Valruzia from BiT Edit

Name Portrait From To

Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Valruzia from BiT Edit

Position Name Portrait From To
Foreign Affairs
Internal Affairs
Infrastructure & Transport
Health & Social Services
Education & Culture
Science & Technology
Food & Agriculture
Environment & Tourism
Trade & Industry
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