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Most Holy Apostle Michael
St mike.png

Patriarch of Auroria, First among the Apostles
Born 1st century CE, Beiteynu
Died 19 December 72 CE, Selucia
Venerated in
Feast December 19

Saint Micheal (Yeudi: מִיכָאֵל‎ / מיכאל‎, Mikha'el), also known as Saint Michael Vigilius, Saint Michael the Watcher and the Most Holy Apostle Michael, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Eliyahu and a central figure in the early Hosian church.

Within Hosianism, Michael is regarded as first among the apostles. Disagreement exists between denominations about his position within the early Church and the matter of succession.

According to the doctrine of the Aurorian Patriarchal Church, the Arch-Patriarch is the successor to Michael following the principle of apostolic succession. Outside of Aurorianism, various other Churches also claim to be the successors to the Holy Apostolic Hosian Church of Terra, founded by Saint Michael and referened in the Aurorian Creed as the "one holy ecumenical apostolic church".


St. Michael is said to be buried in Auroria, where he went to preach the Annunciation and was martyred. The tradition of Saint Michael's preaching in and around the Majatran islands is also used as justification for the primacy of honor granted to the Patriarch of the Apostolic Church of the Isles, although his role is far more symbolic than the one claimed by the Aurorian Arch-Patriarchs.

According to the Annunciation, Michael was the first of the hosioi to join Elijah in his ministry, after he was saved by Elijah from a life begging by means of a miracle returning gold to pilfered chests in the temple, where he previously worked as a Nightwatchman. It is implied later by some accounts that Michael had been made a scapegoat. Michael is reinstated as a Watchman, but he joins Elijah distributing the gold from the temple coffers among the poor of Yishelem. After the High Priest, in anger, expels Elijah from the priesthood, Michael joins Him in His ministry.

Michael's previous occupation as a watcher is highly symbolic in several regards. First, he is often depicted with keys as Watcher of the Kingdom of God, after a passage in which Elijah names him such and promises him the keys of heaven. Secondly, many authors have pointed towards Michael's role as a Nightwatchman being an analogy to the faithful man who longs and hopes for the return of Elijah and the promised salvation. Lastly, the statement by Elijah "you shall be my Watcher", is interpreted by some Patriarchals as the first indication that Elijah regarded Michael as having a special task assigned to him, and it is the reason some of the Patriarchal Arch-Patriarchs, most notably the Selucian Arch-Patriarch, bear the title of "Supreme Watcher".

Although undoubtedly one of Elijah's earliest and truest supporters, Michael is depicted in the Annunciations as a sometimes rather fallible man, quick to anger and fervently defensive of his faith, earning him the reprimands of his master more often than any other of the hosioi, especially by comparison to Faithful Thomas, regarded as the other great apostle, who is considered more meek and moderate in his passions than Michael. For example, Michael pulls a sword to defend Elijah from his assailants, swears he will never leave him, but then denies him three times to avoid capture.