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Sakura Ishida
Sakura Ishida

Party Leader, Tennō, Monarch
Assumed office 
January 1st, 2578, March 1st 2597
Preceded by
Motoko Kayabuki, Jîmce Bliampid, none
Succeeded by
Sekowo, Shiratoku

May 1, 2558
Feb. 27th, 2636 (stasis)
Political party
Haku Noriya
Hinata Ishida, Hitomi Ishida, Danael Ishida
Celestial Palace, Kyoshi
Stateswoman, Fashion Designer, Monarch

Sakura Ishida was the sixth leader of the Democratic Socialists Party of theFederal Commonwealth of Sekowo.


Early LifeEdit

Sakura Ishida was born in Kasmenai to parents with highly successful careers. Sakura lived with her parents until the age of seven, when they decided to seek a 'friendly' divorce, until the age of 17 Sakura lived with either her father or mother, depending on the year and her own wants.

Entry into PoliticsEdit

At the age of eighteen Ms. Ishida entered into politics, joining the Democratic Socialists Party. She worked as an aide to elected party officials for the next four years before she was chosen as the candidate for the upcoming elections. As predicted the district in which Ms. Ishida was nominated was won by the DSP and she began her foray into the legislature.


Ms. Ishida became a leading figure in the turmoil of the 2570's, becoming the first and only leader of the newly created Imperial Socialists Party, a role she was chosen for do to her being an elected member of the legislature and an outspoken proponent of the creation of a figurehead monarchy to help unite the various groups of Sekowo. Sakura was one of the few higher-up members of the ISP to remain members of the resurrected DSP and the only one to remain in a position of power, retaining the position of party leader.

Fashion CareerEdit

Apart form politics Ms. Ishida had always been interested in fashion, having taken several classes for it while in school and continuing to design in her spare time after joining the DSP.

In 2588 Ms. Ishida created her own Fashion House, 'Ishida Fashions' to continue her passion for fashion. Ishida House fashions quickly became popular, being worn throughout the Federal Commonwealth. Shortly after Ms. Ishida started a line of clothes popularly called 'Socialist chic' as they primarily used the parties colors silver and blue in unique and sometimes futuristic styles.

Empress of ShiratokuEdit

Following the failed attempt to create a monarchy on the national level the Shiratoku state legislature passed legislation creating a figurehead monarchy.

Sakura Ishida was chosen as the first Monarch of Shiratoku, which gained her the nickname 'Celestial Mother' do to her being the first monarch and the new monarchy being matrilineal.

On February 20th 2636 Sakura announced that she would be stepping down as the Emress of Shiratoku as she intended to enter stasis.


On February 28th 2636 Sakura Ishida entered cryostasis at age seventy-eight.

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