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Samael Izunomi
Samael Izunomi

Supreme Commander of the PSA
Assumed office 
June 6th, 2522
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Motoko Kayabuki

June 6, 2505
Juy 3, 2530
Political party
Not available.
PSA Supreme Commander, Gensaku-sha

Samael Izunomi was the fourth leader of the Democratic Socialists Party and the honorary leader of the People's Socialist Army of Sekowo.


Early LifeEdit

Samael Izunomi was born on June 6, 2505 in Kasmenai, Sekowo. Samael was born to 'Vivi Hustle', a prostitute known for her meth addiction and an unknown father.

For the first five years of his life he lived at the brothel his mother worked from, most often being taken care of by other prostitutes rather than by his biological mother. Three months before his sixth birthday his mother was found dead from a Meth overdose. After the death of his biological mother he continued living in the brothel, doing odd jobs and generally helping out.

Three years later shortly after his ninth birthday the brothel was destroyed in a fire started by a cigarette and subsequently fed by the sub-standard architecture of the building and general near-by refuse.

With nowhere to go Samael lived on the streets for the next year living on the streets, surviving on the good will of others.

Early AdulthoodEdit

After living on the streets for eight years Samael joined the DSP upon the invitation of then party leader Takeshi Komei. Samael quickly became a party favorite, winning one of the legislative seat for the Kosmos Poli at the age of twenty-one. He quickly became the party leader as well as the Supreme Commander of the People's Socialist Army.


In 2530 Samael chose to enter stasis, the youngest party member to do so. Samael is currently kept in stasis at the DSP stasis facility.

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