Mort Iskendra
(Tagṛṛamt Taskendrit)
Santa Alexandra Montage.png
Administrative status
Population 2,120,000
Region Aheblun
Nation Cildania

The Capital of Aheblun and the last City to join Cildania, Mort Iskendra is notable nationally as the longest city as it follows the coast for 12 miles while only straying one and a half miles from the coast at its deepest point, Dacre Hill.

The offical name Mort Iskendra is something of a shibboleth as it is only used in the city by foreigners and the central Cildanian Government, as all Hebileeans call the city Tagṛṛamt Taskendrit and as such the using the name Mort Iskendra while in the city denotes one as a stranger to the place. The city is named for St-Alexandra of the Blessed Rose, the first woman to be named a Saint by the Department of Cildania. (Although not the first woman saint to be recognised by the Department as it recognises all the saints of the Eastern Rite Churches as well as its own)

Important Landmarks of the City are the Palace of the Patriarch-Prince, the Cathredal of St-Alexandra, the Akildarin Fort at Dacre Hill, the Seawall and the Lighthouse at Crow Bay. The civic Motto comes from the inscription above the gates to the Palace of the Patriarch-Prince and means 'My Prince, My God, My Nation'.

Mort Iskendra has been host to more revolts, rebellions and revolutions than the rest of the nation combined.

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