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Sarah Goodwin
Sarah Goodwin

Assumed office 
7 October 3513

In office
6 November 3512 – 7 October 3513

14 November 3479
Political party
Anthony Goodwin
Alma Mater

Sarah Goodwin (born 14 November 3479) is a Dranianos politician and retired top model, who has founded the Dranish Labour Party and united the Labour Party and the Radical Liberal Union into the United Democratic Alliance, which she has been the leader of since 7 October 3513.

Goodwin is the presidential candidate of the Alliance of the Left and does therefore enjoy the endorsement of the United Democratic Alliance and the Red Freedom Party.

She has been a very influential personality in Dranland due to her previous modeling job which she was successful at and due to her benevolence.

Early lifeEdit

Sarah Goodwin (maiden name: Nielsen) was born in Melyn to Karsten Nielsen and his wife Cecilie, who were Kazulian immigrants. Her parents died in a car accident when Sarah was 2 years old, she had no other relatives and was therefore sent to an orphanage in Melyn where she spent the rest of her childhood. 

She studied political science at Gongmangdo University, but her dream was to become a model. She did therefore participate in the TV-show" Dranland's Next Top Model" which she won. She soon rose to fame and left her proletarian background behind.

Political careerEdit

Goodwin's career started in 6 November 3512 when she founded Labour Party. Her career took a surprising turn when she succeeded in uniting the previously very influential party, the Radical Liberal Union and Labour Party into the United Democratic Alliance. She is now the leader of the United Democratic Alliance and the presidential candidate of the electoral alliance, Alliance of the Left.

Personal lifeEdit

She married Anthony Goodwin, the director of Terra Economic Forum in 3505. She met Anthony Goodwin when she studied political science at Gongmangdo University where he studied economics. They have to daughters together named Veronica, 8 and Isabella, 5.

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