Sarah III bat Te'oma
Sarah III of Cildania

In office
3874 – 3912
Preceded by
Quintus Sibilla
Succeeded by
Barak Thomasson (initially); Thomas VI.

In office
3877 – 3899
Succeeded by
Eksandr I

Queen-consort of Barmenia
In office
3899 – 3910
Succeeded by
Mri bet Mardoh


Sarah bat Te'oma, also known as Sarah III of Cildania or Sarah of Barmenia, was a monarch of Cildania (3874-3912) and Barmenistan (3877-3899), holding both nations in personal union. A member of the House of Thomas, a Cildanian branch of the Yišsérles-Bünyamin Dynasty, Sarah gained her throne as a result of the Cildanian Civil War (3870-3874). Three years later she was crowned Queen of Barmenistan due to the emergence of Pan-Qedarism (OOC: Pan-Semitism) in the Kathuran-ruled republic. Sarah was a pivotal figure in the history of both nations; as Queen Regnant of Barmenistan and Cildania she proved to be an earnest yet ineffective leader, who ultimately lost one Kingdom to religious fervor, and the other to a series of factions that ultimately led to her usurpation, in favor of her husband, Eksandr I (3899–3930).

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