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Sayoko Statdfeld
Sayoko Statdfeld

Party Leader, Tennō
In office
January 1st, 2601, August 2nd 2603 – Various, August 1st 2629
Preceded by
Succeeded by

July 2nd, 2580
Political party
Ito Kasagawa
Mia Kasagawa
04 New Komeitō Complex, Seritei
Stateswoman, Therapist

Sayoko Statdfeld was the seventh de facto leader of the Democratic Socialists Party and Tennō of the Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo.


Early LifeEdit

Sayoko Statdfeld was born in Seritei to middle-class parents. Sakura lived with her parents in a communal living complex until the age of nineteen, when she left to attend Kasmenai University.

Political CareerEdit

Sayoko Statdfeld first became interested in politics at fourteen, having been to many rallies and protests with her communal family at which time she joined DSP-Y, the youth organization of the Democratic Socialists Party. At the age of seventeen she registered as a member of the DSP.

After spending three years studying therapy and political science at Kasmenai University she went to work as a therapist at the Cedar Springs Sexual Therapy Center as a sexual identity councilor helping trans-gender persons pre and post operation, at the same time she entered local politics eventually becoming the DSP candidate for one of the seats on the Seritei Metropolitan Council, winning a majority of votes.

Shortly after her second year on the Council she was approached by leading members of the DSP who were seeking out a new party leader, after a week of consideration she agreed to the position.

In the 2603 elections Sayoko won the election for Tennō for the first of several times, spearheading many different projects during her time in office via the cabinet.

In 2628 Sayoko retired after spending twenty-nine years in Politics Sayoko resigned from her position as leader of the DSP to focus more on her family.

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