The Schaab Cabinet (Dorvik) is a former governing cabinet in Dorvik. Founded largely at the urging of Florian Kautz, the leader of Solidarität who abandoned the HDP-SLL-Sol Grand Coalition, this cabinet commanded a majority of seats in the Nationalrat, but included neither the largest party nor the party of the head of state.

Notably, the Schaab Cabinet took over a year-and-a-half after the preceding election to be established, leading to an extended term for its predecessor.

Ministers (4600-4601)Edit

Head of Government Walter Schaab (GZ)
Foreign Affairs Roman Piltz (GZ)
Internal Affairs Felix Dassler (MKP)
Finance Florian Kautz (Sol)
Defence Gerd Wenzel (MKP)
Justice Bastian Hebrang (GZ)
Infrastructure and Transport Markus Cullmann (Sol)
Health and Social Services Margot Eisner (Sol)
Education and Culture Lotte Berthold (Sol)
Science and Technology Carolin Wolf (GZ)
Food and Agriculture Tobias Haeusser (GZ)
Environment and Tourism Max Hölder (GZ)
Trade and Industry Jullius Masur(MKP)
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