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The Schopenhauer Cabinet (Dorvik) is a former governing cabinet of Dorvik. Formed in September 4595 after the 4595 General Election, the cabinet was considered to be a successor to the grand coalition of the Hosianische Demokratische Partei, Sozial-Liberale Liste, and Solidarität that had governed under the Meidner Cabinet. Following the 4598 elections, the Schopenhauer Cabinet largely fell apart with Solidartiät's Florian Kautz (the long-time Internal Affairs Minister) leading a walkout of his party's ministers, followed shortly by the SLL's ministers resigning.

Despite the resignations of the majority of the Cabinet, the HDP part of the Schopenhauer Cabinet remained in power until the formation of the Schaab Cabinet in May 4600.

Ministers (4595-4600)[edit | edit source]

Head of Government Mathias Schopenhauer (HDP)
Foreign Affairs Louise Hessendorf† (SLL)
Internal Affairs Florian Kautz† (Sol)
Finance Emmanuel Schach (HDP)
Defence Jacob Rosenberg (HDP)
Justice Siegmund Lindenbaum (HDP)
Infrastructure and Transport Luise Schmidt† (SLL)
Health and Social Services Sigrid Eichmann† (Sol)
Education and Culture

Khristian Vogt* (SLL)

Anne Nürne*† (SLL)

Science and Technology Natalie Pruefer† (Sol)
Food and Agriculture Lydia Niedenthal (HDP)
Environment and Tourism Erich Heinz† (Sol)
Trade and Industry Marlies Kellermann (HDP)

Notes: * indicates a transition amid the 4596 cabinet reshuffling.
† indicates a resignation following the collapse of the Grand Coalition.

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