Scientian Enclave

Tomorrow's Dawn (Luthorian)

(and largest city)
Ataraxia Acrology
Language Luthorian
99% Irreligious
  others 1% Other religion
Ethnic Groups
96% Hutorian
  others 4% Other ethnicity
Demonym Scientian
Government Federal scientocratic technocracy as a semi-autonomous enclave of Hutori
  Legislature Scientian Assembly
Ambassador Norbert Lowell
Area ~15 km²
Population 52,200 
$6.6 billion HLR
  per capita $126,437 HLR
Established September 4411
Currency Hutori Lira (HLR)
Organizations Terran Coalition for Science
International Organization for the Prohibition of Landmines

The Scientian Enclave, or simply Scientia, is a federation of underground acrologies and a semi-autonomous enclave of Hutori. Scientia was founded in September 4411 after succeeding the Ataraxian Confederation in an internal referendum. The enclave receives national representation in Hutori's legislature, the House of Parliament, where it is treated as a political party.

Scientians aim to improve standard of living and quality of life using science and technology. They stress the importance of scientocratic policies, technocratic leadership, and utilitarian morality. Pseudoscience, populism, and technophobia are strongly rejected.

The capital of Scientia is the Ataraxia Acrology, which also serves as the enclave's hub of research and development. All 65 Scientian acrologies are located in remote areas of Adelia's countryside. The acrologies sustain themselves mostly by offering data centre hosting, agricultural exports, and supplementing the Adelian power grid with geothermal power.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Scientia is taken directly from the Selucian word scientia, meaning "knowledge".

History[edit | edit source]

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Politics[edit | edit source]

Political party[edit | edit source]

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Scientian Enclave
Norbert Lowell
Tomorrow's Dawn
September 4411
Youth wing
Student wing
Political position
International affiliation
Terran Coalition for Science
International Organization for the Prohibition of Landmines
131 / 405
3 / 13
2 / 5
Politics of Hutori
Political parties in Hutori
Elections in Hutori

In addition to being recognized as a semi-autonomous enclave of Hutori, the Scientian Enclave receives party status and can participate in both federal and local elections. Scientians are usually considered a minor force in Hutorian politics and have a less active role in drafting legislation. They tend not to field presidential candidates and are known to shy away from holding too many positions in the Hutorian government. Often however they find themselves the centre of political stalemates and have been propositioned by both left-leaning and right-leaning parties for their support. In practice, Scientians usually side with centre-right parties and maintain cordial relations with royalists.

Since Scientians utilize a syncretic political platform, they have attracted a diverse range of supporters. They enjoy broad support among scientists, engineers, and medical professionals. However they also attract support from the otherwise politically apathetic who view Scientians as a safer choice. When Scientians propose changes, it is often in the form of adopting technological solutions. They try to avoid making controversial proposals or legislation that would be otherwise unlikely to pass.

Their tendency to agree to compromises and change methods depending on their utilitarian value can make them unpredictable and prone to flip-flopping. Their predecessor, the Ataraxian Confederation, was notably against free trade and distrusted market solutions on principle. Scientians however have endorsed free trade and are much more friendlier towards private enterprise citing better overall economic outcomes.

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