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Second Endralonese Civil War
Republican 'iron-heads' in their trenches
Date: August, 4715 - January, 4734
Location: Endralon
Result: The won of the Republican Federation
Casus belli: The death of Ottokar XII
TheDoomFlagofEndralon.png Republican Federation Flag of High Kingdom of Endralon 2.PNG League for Defense of the Holy Crown
TheDoomFlagofEndralon.png Balogh Márkó

TheDoomFlagofEndralon.png Antall Róbert

Flag of High Kingdom of Endralon 2.PNG Vajk, the Third

Flag of High Kingdom of Endralon 2.PNG Lajta István

100,000 international, antifacist-anarchist voluunters;

5,000,000 endralonese and zergonese volunteer soldiers; 5,000 soldiers from the paramilitary Socialist Group of Hugamest; 10,000 soldiers from the paramilitary Radical Democratic Voluunters; 5,00 soldiers from the former elite army Pelican Guard, the Republican Guard.

50,000 soldiers from the paramilitary Holy Endralonese Guard;

25,000 soldiers from the paramilitary Fascist Power; 1,000,000 soldiers from the paramilitary Monarchist-Conservative Brotherhood; 4,500,000 endralonese soldiers of the professional army of Endralon, the Armed Forces of Endralon.

About 2,500,000 soldiers, 2,000,000 civil people About 4,250,000 soldiers, 4,000,000 civil people,
All casualties: about 12,750,000 people

The Second Endralonese Civil War (syldavian: Második Ndráloni Polgárháború, Zergonese: Drugi Endralska građanski rat) was a military conflict in Endralon.

This was the bloodiest war in the area of Endralon, the largest national trauma of the endralonese people.


The death of Ottokar XII, the Apostolic King of the Kingdom of Endralon and the dissolution of the Royal Catholic Party (syldavian: Királyi Katolikus Párt) after 4709 was created the anarchy in the country. De iure Ottokar XII 'posthumous' stayed as Head of State and the Cabinet of Grand Palatine Lukács Krisztián stayed. But they don't had real power to the events of the state, so some kind of anarchy ruled the country.

In March, 4715 a group of youths in Hugamest led by Endrődi Sándor was create a revolution for a republic and for end of the anarchy. Later, this revolutionary movement became the Republican Federation (syldavian: Köztársasági Szövetség)

In Alt-Ginbar, an another anti-anarchist group was created too. This one was the League for Defence of the Holy Crown (syldavian: Liga a Szentkorona Védelméért) led by the Vajk, the Third, back then the most powerful noble, who inherited Province Alt-Ginbár and Province Efínia from Ottokar XII.

The Republican Federation[]

The Republican Federation was a military coalition for the creation of a modern endralonese republic based on liberal democracy and direct democracy. Liberal conservatives, right-wing republicans, centrists, social democrats, socialists, communists formed the Federation. The moderate Right, the moderate Left, the Centre and the Far-Left cooperated for one, common goal.

De iure the Supreme Commander of the Republican Federation was Endrődi Sándor, a poet, who led the revolution in Hugamest at March, 4715. He was a true people's figure who beloved by the moderate Left, the moderate Right and the Far-Left. He was patriotic, republican and egalitarian, so everybody found in him oneself. But traditionally, he called the representative of the moderate right in the republican federal triumvirate.

The Chairman of the Republican Federation was Antall Róbert, a progressive politician. He was the political leader and the supreme diplomat of the Federation. He was social democrat, he believe in social justice, so traditionally he called the representative of the moderate left in the republican federal triumvirate. Later, after the civil war, he became the Head of State of Endralon.

The Marshall of the Republican Federation was Balogh Márkó, a member of the Republican Guard (syldaivan: Köztársasági Gárda). He was the military leader and the true decision-maker of the Federation. He was socialistic and communistic, so traditionally he called the representative of the far left in the republican federal triumvirate. Later, after the civil war, he became the Minister of Defence of Endralon several times.

The League for the Defend of the Holy Crown[]

The League for the Defend of the Holy Crown was a military coalition based on anti-republicanism, but not always pro-monarchism. There was conservatives, patriots, monarchists, nationalists, racists, fascists, national socialists and other people in this coalition.

The Supreme Noble of the League was the King of Efínia and Baron of Alt-Ginbar, Vajk, the Third. He was the supreme decision-maker in the League. Vajk - as he said - born to rule. His origins from a subfamily of the House of Syldavia so when Ottokar XII died, he inherited two important Provinces. As he planned, after the civil war he want become the Apostolic King of Endralon, but it never happened.

The Coordinator of the League was Lajtai István, a national socialist soldier, who was the military leader of the League. His mission was the coordination of the League's military forces. He disdained the monarchy, he believed in totalitarian fascist phalanstery. He was convinced anti-communist/socialist. He considered his ancestors the Conquer House.

Declaration of War[]

During 4715, both sides work to gathering army, but no one declared war. Both sides provoked each other to accelerate the declaration of war. But both sides want that to the other side begin the war. At last, Endrődi Sándor in a speech at Hugamest speak about Ottokar XII in obscene mode, and this wasn't tolerated by the monarchists.

In August, 4715 the League was send a declaration of war to the Federation. The Federation send back an another declaration of war, so the Civil War is officially begun. All Provinces's local governments declared it's affiliation. There was no neutral Province. The front was the next:


Republican Federation League for the Defend of the Holy Crown
Hugalon Efínia
Zergon Alt-Ginbar
Kundár-Nova Zergonska

Battle of Homokváros[]

The battle in the suburbs of Homokváros

Vajk, the Third decided to attack Hugamest's neighbor-city, Homokváros. So the Monarchist-Conservative Brotherhood (syldavian: Monarchista-Konzervatív Testvériség) attacked the suburbs of Homokváros. The defenders was socialists and communists, workers who tried to defend their city with old weapons. But they defending was successful. 189 communist and liberal conservative soldiers brought tanks behind the Brotherhood's lines and shot to pieces the whites tanks and guns. Of course, the numerical superiority won, because all the 189 soldiers died after the shooting, but they death wasn't useless. The Brotherhood was failed and Homokváros was still safe.

This picture stands that the monarchists attacked the bastions of the suburbs last time with the Royal Endralonese Flag, but not successful and after this attack the Brotherhood retired from Homokváros.

The Total War[]

After the Battle of Homokváros there was a total war in the land. There wasn't true battles, there was just firefights and guerrilla fights between the sides. The war conquered the whole country, from the smallest farms and villages to the largest metropolises. Millions joined to the Federation or the League. The Endralonese population sank to the sea of the divided societies.

From villages to villages[]

Republican soldiers prepared to attack a monarchist village

The centers of the firefights and guerrilla fights was the villages and farms on the Country (syldavian: Vidék). The most of the villages and farms was white and monarchist, so usually in this firefights the republicans was the attackers and the whites was the defenders. The peasants and the rural people was traditionally royalist and loyalist, so they mostly fought on the side of the League. The metropolises's middle class, upper class and the working class was mostly republican. So this war not just between republicans and monarchists, this was between workers and peasants, citizens and villagers, metropolises and small towns. As the result of the autocratic ruling of the House of Syldavia, the endralonese people became a very divided society what always ready to destroy itself with revolutions or civil wars.

In 4715, the League had 200,000 villages or farms; in 4734, the League had just 65,000, because the Federation conquered or destroyed 135,000 villages or farms.


A republican concentration camp what built by revenge of the bombings

The monarchist bombing of the republican Hattyútó, not long before the Battle of Kobolmocs

The endralonese people always lived in fear, because there was no great battles what avoiding the civilian population. Especially the rural population was in danger because they would die in any moment because the firefights. But the citizens of the metropolises couldn't calm because the terror attacks what used by the League. The whites often bombed the larger metropolises (except the monarchist Újmakon), like Hugamest, Kispilgon or Zaosuma without considering the civilian population. (One of this terror attacks, the child Edy András's - who later became the HoG of Endralon - right leg injured.)

Hugalonese Genocide[]

Lajta István and the Syldavian fascists and national socialistic philosophers thinks that the Hugalonese people are the racially inferior race in the peninsula. They systemically killed the most of the Hugalonese population of Efínia and Alt-Ginbár - and sometimes when they invaded to Hugalon - and Hugalon. The number of the hugaloneses lowered from 7 percent to 3 percent what an incredible and terrible change. From this 1% immigrated to other countries, 3% survived and 3% died in the concentration camps of the Syldavian and Zergonese fascists.

Period of the Firefights[]

The firefights was between the autumn of 4715 and the winter of 4733. This events formed the Second Endralonese Civil War with blood and death. Except the Battle of Homokváros, the great battles begun on the 4730's decade, when the Federation attacked Kobolmocs in Efínia.

Battle of Kobolmocs[]

The shot Royal Space Launch Tower in Kobolmocs

This battle was the decisive battle of the civil war after two decades suffering. Balogh Márkó decided that the republicans conquer Kobolmocs. He send forward the internationalist antifa, then he send the Socialist Group of Hugamest and the Radical Democratic Volunteers - that people, who fought for ideas and who had great fighting spirit against the whites. Then Balogh went himself to Kobolmocs with the majority of the Federation's army.

Balogh's plan was simple and successful: he fired the Royal Space Launch Tower in Kobolmocs what was a possibly chemical danger for the city. In the city there was panic what used by the republicans. The Federation bombed Kobolmocs with airplanes, with long rage ship-weapons from the Jelbic Sea and with tanks and guns. 500,000 white soldier and 1,000,000 civilians died in the chemical poisoning or in the bombing. The victory of the republicans was fully. But Balogh Márkó wasn't proud himself, he wrote the next in his diary: 'Worst day of my lives. I killed one and a half million people from my own Nation. I hope, everybody will remember this day, the day when endralonese killed endralonese last time. Last time.'

The Siege of Újmakon[]

Republican soldiers during the victory cheer at Újmakon in front of the Castle of the Baron

After the Battle of Kobolmocs, the way to Alt-Ginbár and Újmakon was clear for the Federation. The Republican Guard went forward to the monarchist metropolis, in a secret mission. The Republican Guard's mission was arrest Vajk III. They successfully implemented this request from Balogh with the lead of a canrillaise commando-leader, Jean Pottier. They arrested and transported the monarchist leader to Hugamest. After this, Antall Róbert declared in all TVs, internet pages, radios, that Vajk, the Third was the prisoner of the Republican Federation.

Death of Endrődi - Symbolist Art

After this with the lead of Endrődi Sándor the republicans went to begun the Siege of Újmakon, the last bastion of monarchism. The whites - know that their leader was a prisoner of the enemy - lost their fighting spirit so the Siege was ease. Just the national socialist and fascists stayed enthusiastic in the downtown. They defended the Castle of the Baron, the central building of the metropolis. But the republican defeated and killed Lajta István on the battlefield. But this was just a half-joy, because a sniper shot Endrődi Sándor, the philosopher and intellectual leader of the republicans. He also died. Someone said that his last words was the next: 'Destiny, give my killer that he can live in the Endralonese Republic, after my death, if I cannot.'

The execution of Vajk, the Third[]

Execution of Vajk III

Originally, the leaders of the Federation don't wanted executing Vajk III. But after the death of Endrődi and the suffers of the war, they needed a true scapegoats. The majority of Endralon demanded the abolish of the nobility and the executing of the monarchist leaders. Vajk was judged by a court by conservatives and progressives. The lawyers agree with that the death penalty cannot be an often way of punishment, but Vajk deserve that kind of penalty. He - publicly! - executed on the Field of Choice of Hugamest at January 21, 4734 with the guillotine. The use of guillotine was symbolic; it means the verdict of the revolutionary and sovereign People.

Restart of the Parliamentarian System[]

Main article: Politics of Endralon

The Republican Federation was dissolved referred to peace, anti-paramilitary and anti-terrorist policies. The majority of the political members of the Federation joined to the new progressive, centre-left party, the Direct Democrats what was the directorial-republic-maker party. Others, who don't agree with progressive ideas, like Szalay Bálint or Kálnay Bálint formed their own party, the Ndrálon People's Party.