Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia
HobrazianFlag   2417-2738  Newhobrazianflag
Motto: United in Greatness
Government type Crowned Republic
Emperor elect Darren Neesam (FPoH)
Prime Minister Janet Ubling (HPP)
Founded 2417
Language Hobrazian
Capital Astoria City
 - Estimated
Currency Hobrazian Crown
Kiduran, Zargundia, Deltaria, Muzalkaz, Stormereti
Nation ID Number: 12

The Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia was the name of the Hobrazian nation from September 2417 untill 2738, initiated as a response to the return of the Hobrazian Peoples Party as well as a total recognition of the First Party of Hobrazia. With the Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia bill the nation united behind the politicians and the legal bodies of Hobrazia. Consensus was spread across the nation that democracy had returned and that trust and greatness could only be suceeded in companionship and through a united Hobrazia.

Hobrazia was yet again to take a role as a big player in international affairs and reestablish itself as a great power on Terra. The Emperor Elect Darren Neesam from the FPoH and Prime Minister Janet Ubling from the HPP united in establishing the Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia and burried past enmity to enlighten and lifting the people and the republic up to a new level.

The Second Imperial Republic collapsed with the creation of the Hobrazian Imperium in 2738.

Alternate Flag Hobrazia 1 Hobrazian Republic
Astoria City (capital)
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