Second Jewish People's Republic of Beiteynu


Flag of BeiteynuX2=1
Motto:Od lo avdah tikvateinu (Our Hope is not yet lost)
Anthem:Unity: Stand by Me

Socialist: Imagine

Jewish: The Song of the Jews

Area 153,600 km² est.
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Government Type Social Democratic Monarchy
HaMalka Hava Elisheva Freyde Yišsérles of Zion, protector of the Jewish and Schultzist Faiths, Ruler of Padrilka and Fruskila, Holy descendant of David and Solomon, and her loyal Regent Jess-Avery Affentranger
Head of State Party Democratic Socialist Party of Beiteynu
Language Hebrew, Yiddish, French, Pntek, and Brmek
Capital Beth Haccherem
Largest City Gan Kofim
Population 77,142,147
Density 502.23 people / km²
Founded December 2756
Currency Medinat Yeudi Hadash haBeiteynuese Shekel and Hava Elisheva Shekel
Currency Abbreviation BEI and HES
Sport X-treme Dreidel
Animal Dove and Gazelle
Nation ID Number:58

The Second Jewish People's Republic of Beiteynu was a nation located on the North Western tip of Majatra. It is bordered by Pontesi to the east and Barmenistan to the south. Its western coast is surrounded by the Verranderlijke Ocean and to the north it stretches out into the Migrant's Pass, separating it from the offshore regions of Darnussia.


Ethnicity and ReligionEdit

There is an official state religion, but membership is completely voluntary.

  • Judaism and Schultzism are the State Religions


International RelationsEdit

Beiteynu is a member of a number of International treaties.

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Politics in the Second Jewish People's Republic of Beiteynu is ruled by a single large party, with the remaining parties forced to apply for a license from a non-existent department.

Active PartiesEdit

There are currently five active parties within Beiteynu.


Main article: History of Beiteynu

The history of Beiteynu can be traced back to Majatran settlers that occupied the land in around the year 500. They soon converted to Judaism and later united under a Sacred Monarchy. Following internal turmoil the Monarchy collapsed and the nation fell into a state of anarchy. Following a Pontesian invasion the nation was occupied for over 300 years until troops managed to drive out the nations neighbours and establish a theocracy. This itself ended after a failed war with Darnussia and the Jewish Homeland came under a three state occupation. It eventually regained its independence and existed peacefully until a one party dictatorship collapsed and Pontesi once again invaded.

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Economic Coalitions: Christian Zionist Party and The W-K-R-A Company
Ishmael I, David I, Franklin Delanovitz Rooseveltstein, Meshullam Yakov Iser Doron Eleazar
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