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The Second Reinmann Cabinet is a former governing grand coalition in Dorvik. Comprised of members of the right-wing DKP, centrist GZ, and the centre-left Solidarität, the Second Reinmann Cabinet was formed with the intent of keeping the far-left and far-right out of power.

Ministers (4605-4609)Edit

Präsident Finn Reinmann (DKP)
Foreign Affairs
Sofia Lehning (DKP)
Internal Affairs Björn Fleischhacker (GZ)
Mario Dreiscart (DKP)
Arthur Faber (DKP)
Stephen Mandel (Sol)
Infrastructure and Transport
Sabine Schutte (GZ)
Health and Social Services
Sara Freudenberg (GZ)
Education and Culture
Lotte Berthold (Sol)
Science and Technology
Margot Eisner (Sol)
Food and Agriculture
Tobias Haeusser (GZ)
Environment and Tourism
Christof Wiedenfeld (Sol)
Trade and Industry
Paul Schenk (DKP)
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