Secretary of State of the
Third Kivonian Republic
Coat of Arms of TKR
Secretary Kvist
Christian Kvist
1 August 4754
StyleHis/Her Excellency
NominatorHead of the Nation
AppointerSenate of the Republic
Term length6 years
PrecursorElector-Premier and Second Consul
Formation1 August 4754
First holderChristian Kvist
Final holderChristian Kvist
Abolished26 January 4776
DeputyMinister of the Interior of Davostan
The Secretary of State of the Republic, officially called Secretary of State of the Kivonian Republic, or just simply the Secretary of State, was the official head of government of the Third Kivonian Republic since its creation in 4754. The position served as an advisory role to the Head of the Nation and usually worked on policies set by the Head of the Nation.

After 4773, the Secretary of State of the Republic just became a formal position with the Shadow Council taking over as the de facto collective head of government.

Political affiliation Edit

Party # Name(s) Years
Left-wing political parties
Center political parties
Right-wing political parties KNSP 1 Christian Kvist 4754-4776

List of Secretary's of StateEdit

Secretary of State of the Republic Term of office Coalition Prior office Political Party Cabinet Heads of State
1 Secretary Kvist Christian Kvist 1 August 4754 8 July 4773 None Minister of Internal Affairs Kivonian National Salvation Party Kvist Cabinet Augustin Volkhardt
8 July 4773 26 January 4776 Shadow Cabinet Shadow Council

Temporal lineEdit

Christian Kvist

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