The Seldon Family is an important political family in Dranland that has shapped that nations politics for over a century.


Important MembersEdit

First CycleEdit

  • Dr. Hari Seldon (unoffical "Founder" of the Family)
  • Raych Seldon (Hari Seldon's son, father of Wanda and Ceres Seldon)
  • Wanda Seldon (Older Granddaughter, later converted to Buddhism)
  • Ceres Seldon (Younger Granddaughter, connecting ancestor to Dani Seldon)

Second CycleEdit


Juche3 Democratic People's Republic of Kyoseon
Pyongro (Capital)
History 3572 Dranish coup d'étatBaekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranian Seung RevolutionDranlandEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo Revolution of 3608Great Sekowian WarKyobando Manifesto of 3597Northern Dovani4590 Revolution4613 Imperial Restoration4642 Revolution
Subdivisions Provinces: Flag of Eljang ElbianFlag of Reunii LorenMyeo MagadoniaFlag of Hyonggi ValdorFlag of Ulbrach Ulbrach
Federal Cities: GC Flag GongmangdoIglesia Mayor Flag Iglesia MayorPort Rhynach Flag Port RhynachFlag of Seongtaek Seongtaek
Capital City: Yonseoflag Pyongro
Politics PresidentChairman of the National Affairs CommitteeSupreme Soviet of People's Power
Political Parties: Kyo Worker's PartyProgressive UnityParty of CommunistsRed Flag
Demographics Religion: Cheonist HosianismDaenismSeodongyoSindoZenshō
Ethnicity: Kyo

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