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Seleyan Intergovernmental Council
SIC membership.png

Full members of the Seleyan Intergovernmental Council (dark green)

Abbreviation SIC
Formation 14 July 4879
Type Regional council
Headquarters Ramsāhreza, Aldegar
Official languages

The Seleyan Intergovernmental Council (SIC) is an international organisation that aims to "promote friendly relations between the countries of Seleya by providing a framework for dialogue and cooperation as well as to ensure that the collective interests of the continent are represented in the international sphere".

The organisation was founded in the 49th century as a successor organisation to the previous Council of Seleya, which had become defunct, and to unify various efforts to promote political and economic cooperation within Seleya including the North Seleyan Economic Community and the Seleyan Free Travel Area.


The formation of the Council was first discussed during meetings between representatives of Aldegar, Gaduridos and Yingdala following previous cooperation on the creation of the Seleyan Free Travel Area.

All three countries supported improved cooperation and integration between Seleyan countries in response to rising tensions between international alliances like NACTO and the Northern Council. The structure of the new organisation was left deliberately limited in order to promote the membership of as many members as possible.

Over the following four decades, membership slowly expanded until by 4914 all countries in the region were members of the organisation with the final admission of Tukarali that year.