Selucian-Cildanian Wars
Selu war
Date 398-280 BCE
Location Majatran Sea, Selucia, Cildania, Pontesi, Barmenia, Deltaria, Jelbania
Result Decisive Qedarite victory; Selucian city-states conquered; Cildania gains absolute domination of the western Majatran Sea
Qedarite flag Cildanian Hegemony Selucian city-states, led by Auroria

Selucian eagle Selucian League

Shophet ʿAbdmilk Maṫbaḣ
Misinsen bin Tibniit
Shophet Magon Maharbaʿl
Marcus Iulius Pompaeus
Imperator Sextus Iunius Caesar

The Selucian-Cildanian Wars was a series of four wars between the emerging Qedarite Empire and the Selucian city-states across the Majatran Sea that lasted for more than a hundred years and led to the establishment of Cildanian hegemony over the shores of Majatra. The wars were a result of conflict between Qedarite and Selucian city-states over control of the western Majatran Sea, where both had established a large number of colonies.


Early skirmishesEdit

First War (398-374 BCE)Edit

Conquest of Pontesian and Vanukuian coasts

Second War (354-349 BCE)Edit

Third War (334-317 BCE)Edit

Formation of Selucian League; loss of all Selucian colonies outside Selucia

Fourth War (292-280 BCE)Edit

Conquest of Selucian islands

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