Selucian Air Force
Seluciana Classis Aëria
Selu airforce
Flag of the Selucian Air Force
Active 5 September 1936 - present
Country Selucia
Allegiance Consuls
Branch Armed Forces of Selucia
Type Air force and air defense forces
Motto Virtute Siderum Tenus (With valor to the stars)
Roundel Selu airforce roundel

The Selucian Air Force (Selucian: Seluciana Classis Aëria) is the aerial warfare branch of the Armed Forces of Selucia. The Selucian Air Force underwent several changes over the time. Today Selucia operates 10 interceptor wings, 8 close support wings, 8 bomber wings, and 4 scouting wings which are also able to lead airbattles. The Majatran continent saw always difficult times and smaller or bigger conflicts. The Selucian air force took part in a lot of them mostly to defend the its interests or to protect the skies over the three islands. Four major combined wargames with the army and navy keep the airforce up-to-date for combined operations. There are also smaller scale war games to improve the single wings and to test new technologies. In the backhand Selucia stores equippment to fit the same ammount of wings in a full scale war. A difference to other airforces of Terra is the fact army and airforce have both airmobile brigades which allows a higher flexibility. The airforce brigades operate independent from the army but can be attached to the ground forces. The Selucian Air Force HQ is part of the Imperial Grand Headquarter. Subordinated are the Imperial Province Air Force HQs operating in the five provinces.

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